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The contribution that famous brand evaluation builds to own brand is beyond question

"Evaluation of Chinese famous brand is the flower that bred 8 years on the soil of Chinese reality, it also experienced the trouble that grow, but because your meeting grows in the contribution that there is a problem and oppugns it to be place of full garden spring scenery to make? And I believe, experienced harships baptismal flower to meet more healthy and strong is healthy... the viewpoint that China builds adornment to decorate material association to hold the post of evergreen secretary-general to used a vivid metaphor to convey him.

And Professor Lang Zhizheng tells counselor of expert of our country famous quality, the State Council the reporter: "A country is own the more or less represented a state quality of the brand. Famous brand evaluation undertakes to the enterprise brand construction has very good oriented sex effect, this kind of oriented as time passes can form a kind of impetus, drive and supervise an enterprise to model piece ' good quality, good quality and style, good moral character ' brand... "

Chinese famous brand evaluates forms impetus be obvious to all. Break up 2001, 2007 list of bear the palm of product of Chinese famous brand, it recorded strategy of Chinese famous brand thoroughly these year will develop a general name for arteries and veins clearly: Have annulus red-letter day as one of strategy of Chinese famous brand, product of Chinese famous brand is evaluated closely around carry out fulfil scientific progress to watch, with the enterprise construction of active devoted famous brand gives priority to body, the government guides energetically, give aid to, breed, concerned organism supports actively, preliminary formed whole society to care the famous brand construction, favorable environment that takes famous brand seriously to grow.

Feldspathic Seng Lan says secretary of association of Chinese hardware products, evaluation of Chinese famous brand develops stimulative effect greatly to the industry special big, can talk with data. First half of the year " 3 rate, two price " the influence that waits for numerous and adverse element finishs a trade or maintained 20 % , the average increase rate of 25 % , in the company that acquires Chinese famous brand among them, the company growth of 45 % achieves 30 % . Why? This is the assemble effect of famous brand, our industry name tagvisiting card had taken the course of benign development, had very strong fight risk ability.

Boreal new building materials gained mark of product of Chinese famous brand 2005. Dong Zhanbo of manager of department of this company integrated sale says when accepting a reporter to interview: "Evaluation of Chinese famous brand is beyond question to social contribution. Tell from company point of view, because we implemented famous brand strategy, the outstanding achievement growth of the company is very rapid, integrated growth effect has achieved 43 % , and trade of great like project of Olympic Games bird's nest, country theater, nation is contended for in us 3 period in waiting for these countries to indicate the gender builds a course all the way successful. To the society, it is normative market economy order, purified market environment, company of authority of false to hitting dimension, development is very advantageous. Company of authority of false to hitting dimension, development is very advantageous..

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