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Total bureau of national qualitative check is newest supervise selective examina
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Selective examination this the basis is mandatory national level GB11614-1999 " float law glass " and recommend GB/T18701-2002 of sexual state level " chromatic glass " formulary requirement, be out of shape to the optics of product of float law glass, 10 projects such as bleb, field trash, line, ply undertook examining. Examine to show as a result, it is better that the market has quality of product of large-scale production company, place check project achieves the requirement that national level sets entirely.

Optics is out of shape is an index with the mainest plate glass, mandatory national level regulation, optics of glass of law of float of class of car of 4mm, 5mm, 6mm is out of shape ≥ 60 degrees, optics of glass of law of float of course of 4mm above architecture is out of shape ≥ 50 degrees. There is individual product optics to be out of shape in selectiving examination unqualified, optics of some product of glass of law of car class float are out of shape in 50 ~ 59 degrees between, can achieve the demand that builds glass of class float law only.

Mandatory national level returns a regulation, ply of float law glass is 5mm ± 0.2mm. There is individual product ply in selectiving examination unqualified, among them ply of 1 kind of products is 4.67 ~ 4.69mm, the requirement that short of standard sets.

Natural granite, marble builds plank

Objective quality percent of pass 81.6%

Near future of total bureau of national qualitative check selectived examination product of board of building of 42 kinds of when 42 enterprises produce 10 provinces such as Beijing, Heibei, Shanxi, Shanghai, municipality directly under the Central Government natural granite, marble (do not involve exit product) , sampling percent of pass of product objective quality is 81.6% .

Smoked 15 projects such as dimension of the exterior quality that examines products of pair of natural stone material, treatment quality, norms, flatness, angle this to undertake examining. Via examining, 30 kinds of granitic products that selective examination this all are A kind decorate material, radionuclide content is all and eligible.

The main quality problem that in selectiving examination, discovers is partial product length, width unqualified. Standard of product of natural stone material sets, the length of plank product and width deviation are 0 ~ - 1.5mm, that is to say be patient of loses error, not be patient of deviation, install at the project with benefit. There is dimension of partial product length, width to all appear in selectiving examination deviation, the meeting when using reduces the effect that adornment decorates.

Additional, shan Shicai limited company is supervised in the country east in selectiving examination, reject to selective examination, its produce quality quantity to press unqualified punish.

Brick of pottery and porcelain

Objective quality percent of pass 94%
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