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Safety of moon cake quality and excessive pack special execute the law the exami
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Execute the law this the examination is to ensure quality of moon cake of the Mid-autumn Festival is safe, farther normative moon cake is packed, boycott costly wind, accelerate construction resource is managing model, the environment is friendly model society. Supervisory branch of technology of quality of each district of organization of total bureau of national qualitative check machines the production such as unit, guesthouse, restaurant and wine shop to sold the unit of moon cake to have special inspection to moon cake production, examine manufacturing unit in all 10848, the production such as guesthouse, hotel sells an unit 6650. From the point of examination circumstance, state of quantity of total constitution of moon cake product is better, the moon cake of great majority produces an enterprise to be able to organize production according to concerned law laws and regulations, standard and technical standard, the moon cake whole that pack tends reason.

The main problem that discovers in the examination includes 4 fields: It is to violate manufacturing phenomenon to still exist, a few guesthouse, restaurant and wine shop entrust treatment export moon cake to did not press a regulation to deal with entrust treatment to put on record formalities, individual cake obtains card business to exceed permissive limits to produce moon cake, the cake mill of a few countries and outlying area sells moon cake without card production; The 2 product off quality that are a few enterprise, the company product that 0.98 % discover in the examination does not accord with a regulation to ask, basically be gross of product bacterium colony exceeds mark and exceed a quantity to use additive; The labels of 3 company product label that are 6.8 % are non-standard, especially a few label labels that entrust treatment product do not accord with concerned requirement, did not tag factory name, the site of factory by the requirement, tag manufacturing date to wait phonily; 4 it is individual product is put in the excessive phenomenon that pack. The product that the whole nation discovers to 45 enterprises are produced in all packs cubage not to accord with national mandatory standard to ask, among them the product with more severe case has area of Shenzhen city Baoan on the west the Shengjiali that processing factory of fine benefit provision produces country emperor the Rong Xiangyuan that home of sweet garden cake produces Xi Xiangrong of area of Baoan of moon cake of card fruit flavour, Shenzhen city card.

It is reported, to the problem that discovers in the examination, each geological inspect branch already instructed concerned responsibility unit to be rectified and reform in time, carry out recall to rejected product, hand-in-hand travel is harmless change processing.