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Korea carries mark of check of high school medicinal material to involve majorit

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Refer bulletin center information according to WTO/TBT country, the near future, korea drafts sulfur of the 2 oxidation in the medicinal material in editing and heavy metal remain to detect method and standard, those who involve breed to occupy China to be exported to material of Han Chinese traditional medicine is major. Because Korea is the 3rd big market that our country Chinese traditional medicine exports, and the Chinese traditional medicine that exports this nation 95% it is a medicinal material, accordingly, korea respect edits this if draft resolution is passed, will export whole to produce tremendous effect to domestic medicinal material. Mixed on September 11, 2007 Korea released “ on September 18 about medicinal herbs the standard of the heavy metal in waiting and test method ” revise proposal, reach “ the correction draft resolution of the standard about hangover of sulfur of the 2 oxidation in medicinal herbs and test method ” . Two correction draft resolution show, this breed of material of castigatory Chinese traditional medicine is involved very extensive, capable person of 72 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine that include turmeric, pieplant to wait inside, add the traditional Chinese herbal medicine with 60 kinds of medicinal herbs and mineral earth of 23 kinds of cliff newly, and set limit to of remain of sulfur of the 2 oxidation in material of 72 kinds of Chinese traditional medicine sets from 200, 500, 1000 with 1500ppm (milligram / kilogram) edit entirely for 30ppm, the oldest index rose 50 times. Additional, add newly to 60 kinds medicinal herbs undertakes remain of 2 oxidation sulfur detects, the heavy metal in coming from rock and mineral and traditional medicaments to 23 kinds (include lead and arsenic) highest set limit to undertook formulary. Taste chamber of commerce of imports and exports according to Chinese medicine health care fine, amount was the Chinese traditional medicine of Korea of our country exit 2006 6000 much dollars, export growth is rapid 2007, amplitude is 20% . And medicine of Han cure Han results from basically Chinese traditional medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, 70% above of Han Yao should count the import from China. In fact, in recent years Korea already raised the relevant check mark that material exports Chinese traditional medicine to allow for many times. Before this, second half of the year had carried out Korea respect Ceng Yu last year mark of check of new castigatory Chinese traditional medicine is accurate, and when lie between only a year, korea puts forward to edit again again draft resolution, and with last year raise standard photograph to compare, the range this year is bigger. Hubei province cure keeps subordinate of company of imports and exports controller of trading company of a drug expresses, the Chinese traditional medicine that our country exports to Han has content of 30% heavy metal to exceed Han Fang to draft castigatory standard about in material, and the Chinese traditional medicine that exports to Korea in material 80% plant for the home, have pesticide remain commonly, in false if 40% exceed Han Fang level, that pair an overlay exceed Han Fang level have 50% . And short-term inside material exporter wants Chinese traditional medicine to undertake detect afresh and raising relative standard to each breed, can affect the cost of exporter not only, still may make exporter choose producing area afresh, affect upper reaches cultivates base. Current, cure protects chamber of commerce to concerning branch and Korea respect to have negotiation in coordination.

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