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Industry of 1-8 month whole nation realizes profit to grow 19.4% compared to the

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1-8 month, business of industry of countrywide dimensions above (year advocate business Wu income the enterprise of 5 million yuan of above, similarly hereinafter) realize gain one thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight billion five hundred million yuan, grow 19.4% compared to the same period. In business of dimensions above industry, state-owned reach state-owned accuse an enterprise to realize gain 677 billion yuan, grow 0.7% compared to the same period. Cooperative realizes gain 50.2 billion yuan, grow 36.0% ; Share collaboration enterprise realizes gain 11.7 billion yuan, grow 18.9% ; The joint stock company realizes gain one thousand and fifty-one billion five hundred million yuan, grow 25.9% ; Foreign trader and company of investment of business of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan realize gain 499.3 billion yuan, grow 14.3% . The private enterprise realizes gain 389.2 billion yuan, grow 48.6% . In kinds 39 industry are big in, oil and profit of industry of natural gas exploitation grow 54.7% compared to the same period, coal industry grows 142.8% , steely industry grows 31.5% , chemical industry grows 32.0% , building materials industry grows 40.3% , special equipment manufacturing industry grows 20.2% , manufacturing industry of traffic facility for transporting grows 35.1% , manufacturing industry of electronic communication equipment grows 18.2% , power industry profit drops 81.6% , nonferrous metal smelt and pressure delay treatment industry to drop 7.4% , profit of chemical fibber industry drops 47.1% , oil treatment and coking plant course of study by gain of the corresponding period turned 32.3 billion yuan last year for net loss caustic 96.1 billion yuan. Amount of taxes of business of dimensions above industry one thousand three hundred and twenty-nine billion six hundred million yuan, grow 26.7% compared to the same period. Dimensions above industry comes true advocate business Wu income thirty-one thousand six hundred and forty-five billion four hundred million yuan, grow 29.0% compared to the same period. In August end, receivable of dimensions above industry four thousand three hundred and fifteen billion four hundred million yuan, grow 16.0% compared to the same period. Manufactured goods capital two thousand two hundred and seven billion one hundred million yuan, grow 28.5% compared to the same period.

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