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Japanese scientist research and development eliminates tumor new method

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123 nets occupy medicine comprehensive institute published Japanese industry technology a few days ago a bulletin says, the researcher of place and university of this sanitation of cany cropland health care develops by carbolic accept rice dash forward, zinc of Jing of photosensitive agent phthalein and the complex system that water-solubility protein forms, through laser illuminate can destroy the tumor inside experimental mouse system effectively. Express according to the report, researcher is in the experiment, first to experimental rat the flank of two side transplants hypodermically tumor, after 7 days to two side flank local inject is compound body. Inside 10 days later, researcher uses wavelengh everyday the gules semiconductor of 670 accept rice stimulates place of smooth illuminate tumour 15 minutes. After 10 days, tumor disappears. Stop day of the number after laser illuminate, tumor also did not see recrudesce. If to experimental rat inject is not complex system, however alone phthalein Jing zinc or it is carbolic accept rice dash forward, try to stimulate smooth illuminate again, also can have the effect of certain beat back tumour, but tumor won't disappear. Researcher thinks, rice of the accept that use carbon dash forward zinc of locomotive phthalein Jing, can make agent of this kind of photosensitive gathers together efficiently to have a department to tumor, make with laser illuminate phthalein Jing zinc produces active oxygen to be able to get distinct smooth motivation curative effect. And carbolic accept rice dash forward because absorb light,oneself also is met and warm up, kill the cancer cell all round thereby. So, 3 person the multiplier effect that complex system can achieve He Guanggao of smooth motivation therapeutics to heat up therapeutics. Bulletin expresses, researcher has decided carbolic accept rice dash forward extremely low to the short-term noxiousness of human body, they plan to observe its have without long-term noxiousness, try to make carbolic accept rice dash forward after be being treated can outside eduction body. The mankind discovers tumor already had 3000 above exemple history. Not only the mankind has tumor, move, the plant also has tumor. After using microscope till 19 centuries, just built at present the frame of oncology. Since 20 centuries, study the application with new technology as a result of theory of the development of science, foundation, oncology considered to have great progress. Although malignant tumor already became the mankind deadly the 1st or the 2nd reason, but the progress of oncology already made 3 have the 1 / of tumor patient effect a radical cure hope.

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