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The expert reminds should undertake REACH as early as possible preliminary regis

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In the 15th hamburger that medical economy newspaper held a few days ago endowment on industry forum, concerned expert to what attend the meeting in endowment company proposal, the manufacturer that always plans to export chemical product to the European Union should be driven in REACH of ongoing on December 1 this year travel preliminary register. According to REACH regulation, begin since June 1 this year preliminary register, did not undertake before December 1 preliminary the manufacturer that register, after this must undertake be registeringed formally, will be cancelled to import a qualification otherwise. And, register charge formally not to poor, will produce very big negative effect to chemical product exit. Concerned expert expresses, on one hand preliminary register relatively simple and completely free, also be on the other hand next register buy time formally, preliminary register the delegate must be registered formally or do not export truly, the manufacturer can be in completely preliminary after registering, abandon be being registered formally, but preliminary register can be prepared to register those who strive for 2 ~ 10 years formally however or decision-making time.

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