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Medical economy signs up for a few days ago, office of accountant of Pu Huayong path (PwC) publish a report to point out, china is outside the ideal destination that includes business. In this portion name is " the change of the bag outside Asian medicine is dynamic: Can you adjust your look? " in the report, pwC labels China the optimal choice land of the bag outside medicine, the rank is tallish at India. The classification that according to be opposite every Asian area runs the index such as cost, risk and market opportunity comes to PwC list this rank is expressed. The purpose of such classification evaluates an area to whether suit destination of the bag outside regarding as to want accurate land namely, and the range that it gets these elements to affect. PwC thinks, the character that industry of the bag outside ranking a result to mirror medicine is changing ceaselessly and high-end innovation business are outside the trend the trend of the bag. This report points out, trends of the bag outside medicine and occurrent to the option of the ground is being included outside the Asia change, although reduce cost to be put to a very high position by large pharmacy company, but the development as the situation, large pharmacy company is when decision of the bag outside making, cost is reduced will give place to gradually " orbit develops " this one main factor. Industry need builds their strategic eye shot the base that is in prospective world over, want to realise adequately, the Asia is a market and manufacturing base not just to pharmacy industry, and also can make important contribution for medicaments invention. In the meantime, also mirrorred in the report of PwC wrapping destination to make the other and main factor besides the cost when selecting external. In 4 when single out optimal outside in wrapping destination, only one is low cost country. Although Kampuchea and Vietnam are the country of two cost lowest, but high risk and the rank that lack market opportunity and go against them, accordingly, in 3 states that pay a copy in overall rank, these two countries are in awesomely row. The computation of the risk considered ground reason politics, infrastructure, law, economy and at present consist in the manpower capital risk of every country. Afore-mentioned defect just of these countries are the good qualities of the mature country such as Australia, Singapore and Japan, they are done very outstandingly on risk management, but however the tie of cost of be enslaved to be enslaved to. PwC thinks, japan is representing a the most significant market opportunity, this basically is the market dimensions that has at present because of it and this country the Medical Protection opportunity that will bring henceforth. Korea is ranked integratedly on sheet of this a list of names posted up the 3rd, because PwC believes Korea is having quite great market opportunity,be. This can develop the report on the huge market dimensions that speed and it has had markedly to come out from Korea.

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