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Innovation medicaments research and development aims at 10 kinds of major diseas
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On September 23, total full back of Ministry of Public Health, liberation army gives birth to a ministry in order to combine declared form, released national “ great new drug contrives ” science and technology weighs big special “ 915 ” plan the 2nd batch of tasks to declare information. Approving a task originally is this great and special “ 915 ” plan the first batch of tasks to declare the share that did not start inside the guideline. Specific include: New drug of all “ that start considers to develop crucial technology to study ” project, ” of construction of platform of technology of development of research of medicaments of innovation of ” of development of research of medicaments of innovation of the partial “ that start, “ and base of hatch of medicaments of “ enterprise innovation build ”3 project. So far, content of 915 ” plan already started this special “ in the round carry out. Project of development of innovation medicaments research is aimed at blood-vessel of malignant tumor, heart head disease, nerve retreats disease of immunity of disease of sex of travel sex disease, diabetic, spirit, oneself, be able to bear or endure disease of sex of infection of infection of bacterium of cause of disease of property of a medicine, tuberculosis, virus 10 kinds (, develop new drug of a batch of chemical medicaments, modern Chinese traditional medicine and biology technology independently. This project sets “ new drug ” of clinical research ” , the research before “ new drug is clinical, “ is awaited choose medicaments to study ” 3 special subject, approve ” of the research before new drug of the “ that start is clinical, “ to await originally choose medicaments to study ” two special subject. Innovation medicaments considers to develop technical platform to build a project, this approving start synthetic new drug to consider to develop a technology big platform, professional platform of technology of new drug research and development, include medicaments to choose reach effect of the drug before relevant technology platform, new drug is clinical to learn to evaluate a technology platform, clinical before medicaments metabolization is kinetic technology of technical platform, biology is new quality of medicaments of technology of enlarge and platform of detached and rarefied technology, biology tries in medicine standard and quality control a technology, and the special subject of 3 kinds of 11 platform construction such as the platform of medicaments development technology that gives priority to with the enterprise. Base of hatch of enterprise innovation medicaments builds a project, aim to pass governmental guiding, produce learn to grind union, the base of innovation medicaments hatch that gives priority to body with the enterprise in the company construction that the condition has, stimulative enterprise promotes medicaments technology innovation capability, drive an industry to develop. The innovation that approves support of task be confined to to have forward position technology originally in the development of company of technology of little live thing, develop its innovation vigor and achievement adequately to change ability. The crucial link that new drug researchs to develop crucial technology to study the project is aimed at new drug of chemical medicine, Chinese traditional medicine and biology technology drug to study technical reformation of great variety of development, medicaments and new drug industrialization develop, the key captures severe refashion makes an appointment with the bottleneck technology of development. Through be being carried out specially, strive to break through the crucial technology that 20 ~ restrict innovation medicaments 30 times to consider to develop, accelerate the process that new drug contrives, thrust moves innovation medicaments to study development and industrialization level. This project sets “ chemistry medicaments to study Chinese traditional medicine of crucial technology ” , “ studies medicaments of technology of biology of crucial technology ” , “ studies technical reformation of great variety of crucial technology ” and “ medicaments is crucial technical ” 4 special subject.

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