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Produce per year project of needle of pink of freeze-dry of bottle of 70 million
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The China that has 60 old histories' biggest modern biochemistry company -- lifetime of Shanghai changes medical job limited company, the project of freeze-dry pink needle with domestic the biggest dimensions was started formally in Shanghai recently. This project invests 120 million yuan of RMBs, the project area after building amounts to 7917 square metre, hopeful becomes those who accord with international CGMP standard to produce per year the workshop of needle of pink of freeze-dry of bottle of 70 million Xi Lin.

The discretion of standard of pharmaceutical factory design produces decision future place the actor of low quality of grade of medicines and chemical reagents. Be in " project of freeze-dry pink needle " a few days before beginning construction, american food medicines and chemical reagents controls management board (FDA) the design standard that professional had approved this workshop. Xu Guoxiong of president of department of career of drug of prescription of Shanghai medicine group expresses: "The medicines and chemical reagents that future comes out from workshop of needle of this freeze-dry pink, will push directly conditionally to the international market. "

It is reported, this project will build on September 30, 2009 and enter trial production. Relevant personage says, this project was reflected adequately " advanced sex " design concept, take the lead in using European Union standard to design in China, use the freeze-dry machine of refrigeration of large area liquid nitrogen; Take the lead in introducing product line of freeze-dry of makings of automatic pass in and out, avoid factitious element to cause a product to pollute with utmost.

Modern medicine industry is one of economic point of growths with 21 new centuries of Chinese, biology medicine regards high-tech as concentrated industry, also will become Shanghai city the main component of integrated competition ability. Industry of drug of the first biochemistry expresses about chief, gene project and polypeptide will be developed in development kind platform of technology of a biology is built on product technology advantage, hard commanding elevation of strategy of competition of industry of medicine of China of future of race to control.

Freeze-dry pink needle is to be below asepsis environment medical liquid cooling aspic becomes solid state, the asepsis pink injection that vacuumize divides water lyophilization and becomes. Current, the first biochemistry has good reputation and higher market to have in domain of freeze-dry pink needle rate, its make much product be exclusive production, have very good market perspective, core product has rotten egg white IIA of ketone of enzymatic, the root of red-rooted salvia, 2 fourth acyl, already obtained the whole nation to lead a position in biochemical preparation market and technical respect.