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Nanchang climate

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Nanchang climate is wet and friendly, belong to semi-tropical monsoon area, rainfall is abundant, the four seasons is trenchant, year season is short, wintry summer is long. Year average air temperature 17. C-17.7. C, 40.9C of extremely highest air temperature, extreme lowest is lukewarm - 15.2. C. Millimeter of place rainfall 1600-1700, precipitation day is 147-157 day, year average rainstorm day 5.6 days, year average relative humidity is 78.5% . Year hour of sunshine time 1723-1820, sunshine rate is 40% . Year average wind speed 2.3 meters / second. Year day of frost-free period 251-272. Winter slants more north wind, the summer slants more south wind. Suit plant, flowers to grow, it is the perfect area that builds " of " garden city.
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