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The 36th exposition actors or actress buy actors or actress result of price of v

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Actor buy actors or actress valence house exhibits a contest price result to announce Exhibit a contest price work signing up on August 10, 2008 (it is with indicia accurate) end. Get contest price receipt in all 65, among them effective receipt 61, invalid receipt 4 (bid 2 times to be not a member among them) . Actor buy actors or actress valence house sets 32 groups in all, according to bade the highest, person that be the same as valence bids most first principle, the first every groups to win the bid unit. Win the bid the unit is needed contact at Wu group attending the meeting before August 19, deal with confirm procedure. Connect a telephone call: 010-87583971 contest price inquires as a result (click please)

The 36th (Summer 2008) exposition of countrywide pharmacy machinery

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