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Nanchang geography general situation

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Nanchang city is located in the east longitude 115. 27 "-116. 35' , north latitude 28. 09'-29. 11' . Be located in Jiangxi the province is mid slant north, river of another name for Jiangxi Province, stroke a river downstream, northeastern be close to Yang Hu of our country's biggest Po of fresh water lake.
Relief, area
Whole town is given priority to with Campagna, southeast relief is even, northwest rises and fall upland. Whole town gross area 7402.36 square kilometer, among them: Campagna area 2649.72 square kilometer, area of hillock ground low grave 2548.27 square kilometer, water area area 2204.37 square kilometer. North and south is long make an appointment with L12.l kilometer, the thing is wide for 107. Kilometer.
Mountain range, river, laky
The west hill mountain range of dry northwest ministry, show Yi of northeast Xiang Wei to be continuous, the Mei Ling of mountain range middle is urban apogee, its the highest peak in a mountain range washs medical peak altitude 841.4 meters.
Freely of river of river of whole town churchyard, laky pond is dotted. Main river has river of another name for Jiangxi Province, stroke bright and beautiful river and river, Lao river. Laky and main have army hill lake, green haze lake, Jin Xi lake, precious jade the lake, the urban district has green hill lake, virtuous person lake, downtown is strewn at random east 4 artificial lakes such as the lake, lake austral the west lake, north lake.

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