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Elder brother combines feasibility to study the report is released formally from
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On August 15, china and Costarica combine feasibility to study the report is released formally external from trade division. In October 2007, during Si Fanghua of brother president A Liya, two countries was signed " in elder brother combines what feasibility studies to forgive memorandum about developing agreement of bilateral free trade " . Basis " memorandum " , both sides starts associated research from January 2008. 1-7 month, elder brother studies from trade division feasibility teamwork work group held the meeting 3 times in all in. Both sides considers to report entire content is reached with respect to combination consistent, successful end combines research. Study the report points out, in structure of trade of classics of elder brother two countries is complementary the gender is stronger, to make two countries realizes mutual benefit double win and build trade of long-term and close system sex classics to concern, both sides should announce to start as soon as possible after essential program of the respective country that finish negotiate from trade division. Bilateral the elder brother in agreeing to was announced external on August 15, 2008 considers to report from feasibility of trade division combination.
The Costarica is China the 2nd large trade in central america is companionate, bilateral trade presents the state that gives high speed progress. According to Chinese custom statistic, bilateral trading business volume is the elder brother in 2007 2.87 billion dollar, was 2001 32 times of bilateral trading business volume, year all increase rate is as high as 78% . 2007, china imports the forehead to be 2.3 billion dollar from the Costarica, grow 32% compared to the same period; To the Costarica exit forehead is 570 million dollar, grow 39% compared to the same period.