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The 150 billion plan that reduce tax wears protocol of Ministry of finance hand
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From national statistic bureau newest data looks, CPI rose compared to the same period July 6.3% , already successive 3 months fall after a rise, show the policy of each macroscopical adjusting control that commands price has obtained result.

The main motive force that epicycle CPI rises is food price is fast rise. And at present the flesh kind had entered with oil price index drop periodic, its drop range is bigger, have larger contribution to the fall of food price. In the meantime, the production of commissariat is good this year at anticipating, also be helpful for prospective food price continueing to drop. And PPI basically is not food price to affect CPI through the influence, in downtrend of food price index already affirmatory circumstance falls, although prospective PPI continues,rise to also won't change the trend that CPI continues to drop. And July PPI and CPI the fall as heaven and earth also the trend gender that just indicates CPI has held water, the effect of policy of macroscopical adjusting control that controls inflation is distinguished.

The plan of signal of early-warning of index of macroscopical economy boom that national statistic bureau announces 26 days shows, index of early-warning of Chinese macroscopical economy was July 114.7, with on the month keeps balance, those who be in steady state " green light area " , this is a country macroscopical economy is successive 7 months are in " green light area " ; July the growth of finance income all previous via 18 months early-warning signal after red, Huang Deng, enter first " green light area " . Finance income is the index of a lag, show first " green light " , show from tight adjusting control policy already rose to alleviate to economic overheat action, original " economic overheat " the risk has been been far from, adjust to policy opened a space.

Meanwhile, the economy of microcosmic level glides the risk is being shown. Industrial company profit drops compared to the same period nearly two into, textile development faces dilemma, enterprise of electric power petrifaction is to appear more unprecedented deficit, data shows, this year first half of the year, profit of central enterprise implementation is decreased for 10.3% . And half an year signed up for the stock market that focussed countrywide high grade company to just fall 2008 next heavy curtain. Statistic shows, 1619 appear on the market the company achieves net profit total first half of the year 5527. 3.9 billion yuan, grow 16 compared to the same period. 4 % . With nearly 7 become increase rate compared the same term 2007, not only add fast put delay apparently, contained Troy to also appear to drop considerably. If Shanghai city firm manages vivid movables first half of the year,net specified number is unripe cash flow 666.7 billion yuan, with go up photograph of year of the corresponding period than, fall panel height is amounted to 45.33% . And, income tax key is low it is this year appear on the market first half of the year company outstanding achievement grows cannot the element propping up of oversight. A variety of evidence have to cause attention.
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