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Hopeful of look forward to of the traditional Chinese medicine in 2009 is large-
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Medical economy signs up for 2008.10.07. From medicine of biology of the 4th China International development peak is met American FDA newest policy unscrambles the know on the meeting, predict 2009 second half of the year, china will lift large quantities of medicine enterprises to garrison first the climax of the international market such as Europe, beautiful, day, big batch of enterprise of implementation China medicine enters international medicine market " 0 " breakthrough. According to guarding estimation, the 4 ~ in future 5 years, china still will have enterprise of about 50 medicine to march international. Vice-chairman of association of Chinese medicine business management expresses at bright heart, market of Chinese home medicine is basic already and at present saturated, but the medical production process capability that still has an in part was not made full use of. Although countrywide medicine industry generated profit in all 2007 63 billion yuan, the exit that finish pays tax 58.4 billion yuan, increased 2.37 times than 2001, but in the international market bright however little the drug that sees China is made, because the hi-tech of market of international mainstream medicine is camp, tall,the market risk and rigid legal standard, medicaments attestation that includes FDA inside registers formalities to become Chinese medicine enterprise to march main obstacle of international. Express at Ming Dehai, association of Chinese medicine business management had made those who go " 3 paces go " the strategy, among them the first pace " the person should go " already basic implementation, below one phase will strive to accomplish raw material and preparation to be walked out of, final implementation capital enters global medicine market.