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Our country hopeful is obtained from aerospace fight raw material of cancerous n
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3 Hunan Metropolis Daily 2008.10.07. On October 1, 7 airship return divine boat cabin opens cabin ceremony and embarking content hands over a ceremony to be in China of city of Beijing country spaceflight dimensional technique academy is held ceremoniously. 14 mysterious small tube were handed in to receive national Ministry of Public Health Namisheng is controller of content technology key laboratory, medium south in the hand that university Zhang Yangde teachs. Yesterday, zhang Yangde expresses when accepting a reporter to interview: "Study in early days the job chooses a foundation, the actor of embarking content is chosen, breed aux will be able to to be development new-style the accept rice medicaments that fights malignant tumor provides important raw material. " the space is lured change be expected to be chosen admirable " raw material " according to introducing, this aerospace experiments by Chinese spaceflight science and technology group company, medium south key laboratory of technology of accept rice biology reachs Ministry of Public Health of university, country bowel of courage of national Ministry of Public Health is surgical Professor Zhang Yangde waits for the research center the many units such as responsible task group are combined. "The species that embarks this has the breed of unripe fungus 12 important live thing inside active alkyl and two ramification, contain in all 14 pipe. The raw material of biology of accept rice medicaments that is used at medical domain to fight malignant tumor cultivates content develop to change with how, expectation uses ball of and other places of dimensional universe radiate, small gravity, high vacuum, high-minded clean, big difference in temperature, weak magnetic field cannot condition of the sky outside simulative, give birth to fungus to undertake the space is lured internally change and make species gene produce mutation, mix via choosing again breed, yo becomes accommodation the wide, bacterium trunk of a tree that has new character, improve breeding efficiency, production gives the effect of ground breeding short of. The school that attends scientific research this has 10. " Zhang Yangde says. Additional as we have learned, these accept rice raw material are collected from inside a few precious plants, because the heft of extraction is very few, after the breed repass aerospace that investigator expects to study early days is bred, make raw material of these biology of accept rice medicaments undertake the space is lured change, make species gene produce mutation, can increase accelerate grow progenitive. This unripe fungus is bred in aerospace inside experiment general, foster theory and practice to abounding aerospace, seed selection is had raw material of biology of fungus accept rice is born to have important sense inside important and officinal value and development. Embarking content experiment will finish this to be in inside nearly a few months god 7 in the plant that carry has a variety of unripe fungus important variety inside alkyl, in be like devilpepper of feral medicaments resource among them effective and officinal composition besides reserpine, still contain the part of other drug effect of certain amount, amine of the blood that be like benefit (step-down action) , Amali guest of go smoothly of new, Yo (decline administers raw material drug surely) , bogus reserpine, but because its biology is characteristic, its distributing and grow ambient conditions suffers be restricted, resource amount is small, distributing dispersive, from on business of pharmacy of our country of 60 time metaphase begins the century to undertake developing using to domestic devilpepper resource up to now, devilpepper wildlife natural resources is collected in great quantities and use up, resource ons the edge of dried up. The article classics that 7 embarking spaceflight foster expectation classics spirit actor choosing, breed, use precious plant resource to decreasing, protect to resource of Chinese herbal medicine of our country devilpepper, restore, development and benefit appliance have principal port and actual necessity. Refer embarks defy sense of raw material of biology of medicaments of rice of malignant tumor accept, zhang Yangde says: "Aerospace carries the share that breeding is job of early days of research of accept rice medicaments only, the experimental breed that works early days is in ' god 7 ' embarking spaceflight is bred, choose to the following actor, breed, the raw material of accept rice biology that fungus lays inside products of rare to protecting treasure of multiply our country plant has important social beneficial result. Can be development new-style the accept rice medicaments that fights malignant tumor provides important raw material, generate huge economic profit. Embarking content experiment will intensify be being finished inside nearly a few months choose breed. "

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