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Put forth effort of company of Chinese medicine foreign trade makes medical indu
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Company of Chinese medicine foreign trade regards imports and exports of national level medicine as the enterprise, long-term since use domestic and international two resource, base oneself upon at domestic and international two markets, devote oneself to to serve Chinese medicine industry, very important place is had in industry of Chinese medicine imports and exports. To fulfil “ of Chinese medicine group 915 ” develop a program, accelerate company transition and development, the company raises new development target ceaselessly.

Current, company decision is consolidating on the foundation of advantage of original imports and exports, exert oneself makes medical industry invest platform, implementation company grows new leap.

2007, board of directors of foreign trade of traditional Chinese medicine holds water, chen Weigang of vise general manager of Chinese medicine group holds the position of president, he is chaired for many times hold special meeting, consider to company strategy locates and develop train of thought together with board of directors and management team member.

Regard Chinese medicine group as the wholy-owned subsidiary of head office, the group basically leads the development that cares foreign trade of traditional Chinese medicine very and future. On August 27, general manager of group She Lulin listened to a company technically to manage team to report. To long-term development planned to offer sufficient affirmation in the company, the “ that puts forward to foreign trade of traditional Chinese medicine especially extends medical industry to invest a domain, the train of thought that establishs medical industry to invest fund ” gave encourage.

Foreign trade of traditional Chinese medicine is born big grave, by force nearly 30 years with Japan early or late, benefit of element of Shi Guibao, brightness luck, Ge Lan, nimble health, Japanese bell is spun waited for company of the famous medicine that cross a state to build China Yang Sen of limited company of big grave pharmacy, Xi'an, build limited company of the pharmacy in jumping over in the city inside Vietnam river, accumulated rich international collaboration experience and experience of joint ventures management, have a batch of professional teams that pursue internationalization business, obtained bigger yield. This the company serves as investment medicine domain in long-term strategy goal, sufficient play invests experience the advantage with richer, more sufficient financing, seek strategic partner extensively, make the platform that capital runs, the service is mixed at unifinication of work of group trade division internationalization, devote oneself to to promote development of Chinese medicine industry, contribute force for Chinese medicine career.

Foreign trade of traditional Chinese medicine held water 1981, achieved sales revenue last year 2 billion yuan, forehead of imports and exports 300 million dollar. Since 1991 foreign trade of traditional Chinese medicine all is one of 500 strong companies with the biggest specified number of Chinese imports and exports, be labelled by customs total office at the same time enterprise of ” of red list of “ of imports and exports.
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