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Interpretation of the era after the GMP pharmaceutical machinery market in China
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Pharmaceutical machinery is in direct contact with the pharmaceutical equipment, the quality of pharmaceuticals in production have the most direct impact. Course of the development of domestic pharmaceutical machinery can be traced back to the 20th century, the 80s. At that time, only more than thirty pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers, including Liaoyang Pharmaceutical Machinery, Pharmaceutical Machine South, Chongqing Pharmaceutical machines Pharmaceutical machines and is known as four families of Baoji, master of medicine at that time machine market. After pharmaceutical machinery industry has been considerable development. At present, China Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry Association to participate as well as other pharmaceutical companies have more than a thousand machines, production reached 400 major manufacturers of goods 500, broken down over a thousand kinds of products. The development of the pharmaceutical industry led the advance pharmaceutical equipment industry, and enforcement of GMP for pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers enthusiasm reached unprecedented heights. Fire off next term of the National Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition witnessed this "blowout" moment. However, this one is not difficult to find, though drug varieties of machine basically complete, but not many high-tech products, most of the pharmaceutical factory machinery is another low-level repetitive imitation products, and GMP regulatory requirements from far behind. The huge market demand, the industry's low barriers to entry and lack of awareness of intellectual property created a swarm pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers, followed by the inevitable is the product good and the bad, the price remained low, completel y into the "buyer's market" , so that producers miserable. As the curtain slowly falls GMP pharmaceutical industry has undergone a phase-out, mergers and acquisitions and restructuring, the pharmaceutical equipment industry is also bound onto the same path. Market: the beginning of a new round of reshuffle "GMP, we will consider only the production of a device.", "GMP, we will gradually from the current device development to the food industry." This is a reporter in 2004, Ningbo Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo, the most common random interview hear the answer. Unconventional industry and market expansion that the rapid decline of the normal development of those same companies of non-anxious. Poor equipment, lack of competitive products and the low level of generic drugs unit to a lot of companies go farther and farther astray. Volume terms, China is the world's largest producer of pharmaceutical machinery. However, international pharmaceutical machinery exhibition in the difficult to find Chinese companies on the scene. On the contrary, the domestic pharmaceutical profits hundred companies in more than half of the introduction of foreign equipment, and the trend continues unabated. By the impact of imported products in the market shrinking under the double suppression, the high-end, intensive development is the only way. Domestic drug manufacturers could only light the number of machine quality, strengthen the technical inputs and R & D to reduce the generic products, merger and reorganization among enterprises, it may be in the fierce market competition has a place. Specifications: GMP Pharmaceutical Machine Compared with the pharmaceutical companies, have to admit that the implementation of GMP pharmaceutical machinery slower. At present, our equipment is still in design improvements, in the equipment reliability, automation, continuous production, on-line cleaning there are still many defects. With the GMP standard in-depth, behind the performance of the standard drug machines more and more clearly. Machine for drugs, we can not follow the traditional quality standards in order to create the detection method, but should be from the GMP requirements for pharmaceutical production starting to develop standards based on demand.