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Stars in the 40th National Exhibition frozen Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposit
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31-11 October 2010 3 January 40th (Fall 2010) National Pharmaceutical Machinery and China (Chengdu) International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo Chengdu New International Convention and Exhibition Center, Guangzhou stars have frozen machinery manufacturing Limited Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo this strong debut. "National Pharmaceutical Machinery Fair" (hereinafter referred to as the Fair) was initiated in the twentieth century, the nineties, each spring and autumn of each term, so far has been successfully held 39 sessions, is a recognized professional, international, scale Large, exhibits, viewers and fair trade, discuss in one of the pharmaceutical equipment industry communication platform. Since 2004, 13 consecutive sessions was the Ministry of Commerce as one of the key support of the exhibition, 2008 Start the Ministry of Commerce has been approved by the International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition. This exhibition exhibitors from home and abroad with nearly 800 booths more than the total number of 4300, a total of more than 40 countries and regions participating merchants, visit, procurement, Exchange. Exhibits cover the Western medicine, Chinese medicine, bio-pharmaceuticals, animal drugs, pesticides, some health care products and cosmetic products, food manufacturing business needs a variety of production, processing, testing equipment and related auxiliary equipment. Star products in the pharmaceutical industry has wide application, the pharmaceutical industry is also expanding company focused on the application of one of the industry. The exhibition focused on the introduction of products of stars combined counter the wind, constant temperature and humidity, low temperature machine, high Effect of dry heat recovery chiller. As well as an opportunity to show to the pharmaceutical, medical systems and other visitors and buyers to show the star product applications in the pharmaceutical industry, and the star product in the field of application of these advantages and Characteristics. The effective population show a high proportion of visitors, most of them demand-side applications for the product, so let's show the completion of long-term social effects of brand promotion, but also have an immediate direct effect If the intention to reach the scene, there is continuous follow-up value of. Company site exhibitors agreed that the show achieved very good results. For the company to accelerate development in the pharmaceutical industry is nothing short of a shot in the arm, with good Boost. Exhibition as one way of marketing, in particular, received such good results that can expand the exhibition industry, strengthen and deepen our industry, one of the ways to expand. After a similar exhibition of pharmaceutical machinery is We are concerned about the direction and focus. In addition to this year's show, the company will also participating in the November 10, 2010 November 12 at the Suzhou International Expo Center at the "65th China International pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates, including Equipment, devices fair ", we stay tuned!