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Hornsey Pharmaceuticals: Exploring the Chinese usher in the development of ne
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Explore Chinese international, ushered in the development of new opportunities. Oral anti-virus company products up to 67.92% market share, ranking first in the country; cold medicine in the country's share of the market by the increase from 1.35% in 2007 to 2.16% in 2009, the country ranked No. 9; in the country cold medicine Chinese medicine market share from 3.98% share in 2007 rose to 5.92% in 2009, the market has always been living in the country ranked the top 3. The company also launched the first oral anti-viral medicine fingerprints, and to participate in anti-viral oral formulation of national standards to improve the industry barriers. Chinese medicine in recent years the company adhere to international exploration and investment in the company's future development will usher in a broader space. Intensive strengthening channel control, product distribution support future growth. Company products are sold through distributors, but through intensive approach to strengthening the control of the terminal, focusing on the market and customers. And after years of careful management, the company has formed a "Hornsey" anti-viral oral solution, Radix particles, based on Huperzine A patch, rapid medical adhesive 508, Ssangyong Baoxin parties, environmentally-friendly aerosol lidocaine agent multiple advantages for the future development of innovative products focus on the strategic layout, product gradient clear, structural optimization, future broad market space, growing the company's strong performance guarantee. Raise funds to enhance the company is committed to operating capacity. The Company issued 3,100 shares to the public, raise funds, respectively, in accordance with priorities in order to invest in technological transformation projects of modern traditional Chinese medicine preparation 7 projects. Among them, the modern traditional Chinese medicine preparation technological transformation projects, traditional Chinese medicine preparation company dedicated to expanding production capacity, the capacity to overcome the current bottleneck; traditional Chinese medicine extraction production line technological transformation project for the company to the modern traditional Chinese medicine preparation production of technological transformation projects to provide additional supporting projects extract; regional marketing center transformation projects are mainly in the country to further expand the product market; Chinese Herbal Medicine Standardization of technological transformation project will build 12,800 tons of annual production base of Chinese Herbal Medicine for the company to increase the profitability of the new point. Recommended range of inquiry 22.527.0 million. We forecast the company's future annual sales income of 20,102,012 an increase of 28.57%, 28.38%, 26.61%, CAGR (20092012) 27.85%. 20,102,012 diluted EPS of 0.57 yuan, 0.90 yuan and 1.28 yuan, net profit rose 38.26%, 57.86%, 42.14%, CAGR (20092012) was 45.85%. Refer to the current industry valuation levels, we propose to give the company times the PE in 2011, 2530 inquiry, the corresponding price range 22.527.0 million; listed on the first target price 31.536.0 per day, corresponding to 2011 PE3540 times.