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Universal Pharmaceutical Zhengzhou two boxes can be investigated to follow sui
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High-tech Development Zone of Zhengzhou City Hospital No. 10 Holly Street, deep in the two laboratories strange. Reporter 4 days in a row unannounced visits to these two laboratories found that many strange things: in which a pharmaceutical factory, packed with a bunch of different color sub-powder capsule, it becomes two drugs; in another pharmaceutical plant, a manager said they could give a drug box according to production of pharmaceuticals, health care products. Provincial Food and Drug Authority, said the leadership of such a pharmaceutical factory, immediately for investigation. Reflect: the two laboratories is very strange December 4, Zhengzhou, Zhang told reporters reflected the public that the high-tech development zone in Zhengzhou City, 10 Holly Street, the hospital building, hidden in two strange "pharmaceutical." "It's very strange two factories, all doors closed during the day, even a company name on the door and workshop numbers are not. See strangers come, they all gazed at, very carefully." Zhang said. Zhang told reporters: "The two plants for several years in hiding here, they produce a treatment of asthma, hypertension, rheumatism and epilepsy capsules, and some diet pills. They add health food and Chinese medicine Western medicine drugs . In fact, no matter what these drugs put into the box, the powder used are from the same bunch of drugs, you think about it, it can work? " Mr. Zhang said, as early as 8:00 and in the evening as "laboratories" transport workers, raw materials for processing and shipping time. Unannounced visits: are working overtime to produce pharmaceutical 5 morning, this reporter went to the compound No. 10 Holly Street, the entrance, head to see out of a van from the hospital, the car filled with a box full of drugs. Press onto the fourth floor, Building 3, the hospital and found the door unlatched the west side of the room, the room came the hum of the machines, there is no mark on the door. Candidates in the name of the reporter to go in, see the dark corridors of more than 10 boxes piled into a colorful plate capsule, including "Bones Gang", "30 Dingchuan" and so on. In the north room, the five young people are operating filling machine, the big tin bowl full of brown powder in the capsule loaded, and then bouncing around from the machine put out of the dark red capsule to be sealed plastic plate. Reporter walked into the south side of another processing room, a middle-aged man was sealed with a laminator capsules, capsule into the plate of iron funnel kept from falling into the carton. In another workshop, a man that journalists are applied to you, immediately said: "The people have already attracted over." He hurried to the press outside the house, and then immediately shut the iron gate. The reporter saw a girl go to the bathroom, came to him with their conversation. The girl from Shangqiu said she was responsible for the crushing of powder. Press to see her nose on both sides with a thick accumulation of powder, and asked: "Do not you worry about these side effects of powder on your body?" Nose touched the girl laughed: "I usually wear two masks. These powders are ineffective, futile, no harm." "Failure of the drugs are from?" Girl said: "Do not know." Asked Han these drugs are the raw material composition, the girl said: "Chinese medicine and Western medicine has, is valid and the specific drug, I'm not sure the boss does not give us that." Scene: the same powder create different drugs 6 December morning, the reporters once again came to Holly Street, Court No. 10, into the middle of the fifth floor of Building 3, a closed shop, the shop, there are many small suites. The reporters found that the door on the left wall in the devolution of more than 10 "lomefloxacin hydrochloride," the empty barrel. Placed in between the south by the mill, a young man was dropped to the ground with a broom to sweep the powder into the iron bucket, then pour the powder heap. Reporters on the east side of that small room, five workers are powder-packing to a pile of red, green capsules in two different colors. Reporter: "One drug heap of medicine, a quick capsule fitted to the two colors in the ah?" One girl said with a smile: "name of the medicine is different from something called 'double-result', the other is' pulmonary heart health '. " With a pile of powder, loaded into the capsule in different colors, even to become a different drug. Pharmaceuticals: a box to be able to follow suit A reporter then knocked on the fifth floor of the east "pharmaceutical" the iron gate, dozens of young men sitting room table, are the capsule into the plate to plug the box. Reporters claim to home in the county opened a pharmacy, do not make money because the rent is too high, the products of pharmaceutical companies are interested. Manager Liu is responsible for the production of hearing this, readily money to reporters that a "shortcut": "I bought this cheap health care products and then sell high, very large profits. Our company has several flagship brand, step-down , rheumatism, asthma, diabetes and other health care products are commonly used in the elderly. " Manager Liu said Lee gave reporters a sales business card: "You told him to contact the Internet you can just pick what you want the brand and packaging." "In other words, I give a brand and packaging, we will be able to follow suit?" "Yes, as long as the box, you give what he said made a number of goods on the line." Mr.Liu hand Tong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Hong Kong days of the "Herd 100" black snake outer capsule to reporters teach wolfberry "secret Ji ":" For example, you want to do this trade, just the words on the packaging or change it for a sequence of words. If the fancy packaging that treat diabetes, can be A change of color, packaging, or the packaging. Han you do not have to worry about, I train services in the end, give you hands with drugs and packaging. like a box of the 10 ex-factory price board 10, to the hands of agents are selling more than 30 pieces. " Reporter: "What is the latest drug on the market is not good sales, can we here in the process?" Manager Liu said: "Some can, some can not." Asked how can health food cure, Manager Liu said: "Now the food (health food), hit early in the drug products." Department: should immediately for investigation Yesterday, Zheng Hong-Min Liu College of Pharmacy Dean told reporters: "Add in Chinese medicine Western medicine is absolutely not allowed. Some companies add in the cough medicine and other Western lomefloxacin hydrochloride in the treatment of epilepsy add antiepileptic medicine Western medicine, Chinese medicine in the impotence drug ingredients added, this will greatly harm the human body. The Chinese did not indicate what dose of medicine with, it will mislead patients. Some people think that Chinese will eat some toxic side effects, but these traditional Chinese medicine in Western medicine, the result will be some patients overdose. " Provincial TCM Hospital Affiliated to Department of Pharmacy pharmacists Memphis, said: "with a bunch of different traditional Chinese medicine powder into the capsule were to become, respectively, 'pulmonary heart health' and 'double-fruit', this is definitely fake. Selling drugs to To Han medicine, pharmaceutical Han will be able to process drugs, these creepy. did not expect chaos in this way. " Provincial Food and Drug Administration inspection Lanhong Health Secretary, said: "In Chinese medicine powder in without adding chemicals, this is definitely fake. In accordance with relevant state regulations, in Chinese medicine is not allowed to add chemicals, if you add that against the law. In this regard, should be based on the number and circumstances of production, including its consequences shall be punished. on a hazard, depending on what is added to Western medicine, such as cough medicine or other medicine prednisone added, will Let those who took the creation of dependency. " Provincial Bureau of Food and Drug Administration inspectors told a reporter the other leaders to listen to the circumstances immediately said: "This situation should be immediately investigated and handled, must be resolutely eliminated counterfeiting that harms the people of the dens. These drugs can not cure, but also delay condition of the patient. whether health food or medicine, Western medicine as long as free to add, is illegal. " Links: a pharmaceutical company has been dealing with Unannounced visits to the two journalists under the name of the website for pharmaceutical, a pharmaceutical company found positive to the nation "hot investment", the scope of investment of 21 provinces. Advertising investment, said the plant, they introduced the "30 Dingchuan" is a century old, the first cough medicine, taking 30 days, to bid farewell to the old cough. The reporters also found that the plant had to be September 19 this year, Hunan Food and Drug Administration investigation. Hunan Food and Drug Administration in the investigation, said, "30 Dingchuan" This is the food, but declared that "product suitable for cough, acute and chronic bronchitis, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, emphysema, shortness of breath, etc. the crowd. " Non-Drug label name for diseases and disease symptoms, clearly illegal.