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Sincere letter builds the enterprise to still handle primary level

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Sincere letter construction acquires our country company initial effect, but current situation of sincere letter construction still cannot get used to the enterprise completely the requirement of demand of development of reform of system of socialist market economy, business and economic globalization, put in a lot of problems and inadequacy.

Sincere letter management consciousness increases our country business ceaselessly, sincere letter managed the enterprise to had broken through the category of ethic, change becomes new administrative duty, sincere letter becomes an enterprise to develop serious content of the strategy, the enterprise begins to make sincere letter build a target, build sincere letter to run a system. Be being investigated in the enterprise, the enterprise of 97% regards core viewpoint of value as sincere letter, the enterprise of 95% tries sincere letter to consider as main strategic item, of 90% be built sincere letter to bring into an enterprise by investigation enterprise in the main job of preferential development, the enterprise of 88% thinks of sincere letter level rising is one of payoff that the company can grow continuously. Most enterprise made sincere letter build a target, or created department of sincere fuse manage. Be being investigated in the enterprise, the enterprise of 75% has credit government to commercial associate, main way has credit grade, establish record, evaluate and computer database. The news channel that the enterprise acquires commercial associate distributings for: Pass bank or financial orgnaization occupy 75% , pass guild occupy 69% , communicate those who get information to occupy through the enterprise inside the industry 66% , pass media occupy 53% , occupy through what the government is in charge of a branch 34% , occupy through what other channel is like orgnaization of credit grade, audit 13% .

The report thinks, management of enterprise profession morality gets be perfectinged further; The enterprise takes seriously perform social duty, company image rises ceaselessly; The enterprise takes administrative innovation seriously, sincere letter builds a level to promote in the round; Sincere letter builds development business new field, productivity of credit translate into; Sincere letter builds the business external environment also gets clear improvement. Process of sincere letter legislation accelerates the country be feelinged by investigation enterprise of 83% and place, the society be been opposite by investigation enterprise of 63% environment of sincere letter law is relatively satisfactory. In the meantime, market of service of our country credit grows ceaselessly, credit serves course of study to had made a burgeoning trade. Current, countrywide of all kinds financial condition investigates an orgnaization to have 100 about, credit evaluates an orgnaization nearly 80, credit assures orgnaization many 2000, the credence of other major serves an orgnaization to achieve many 500.

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