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Our country intellectual property protects the action to plan to obtain result

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A few days ago, the reporter learns from concerned respect, this year first half of the year, branch and unit strengthen intellectual property to protect the job related our country, fulfil effectively " act of protection of 2008 intellectual property plans " , the job gains active headway related intellectual property.

It is reported, via the joint efforts that comes about branch and relevant unit half an year, legislative job gained active headway related our country intellectual property: Draft of exclusive law amendment already submitted to standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress is discussed; Trademark law already formed modification rough draft; " state-owned copyright runs way " had made finish; The 2nd times castigatory survey job has started copyright law; " copyright of folk literature work of art protects way " already also began to draft.
As we have learned, execute the law in intellectual property working respect, departmental door plans according to the action, attach most importance to a dot in order to attack pilfer edition and normative market order, protected Olympic intellectual property effectively, severity hit all sorts of illegal criminality that encroach intellectual property. In the meantime, judicatory of our country intellectual property rules the job is strengthened further, intellectual property protects system mechanism to be perfected further.

First half of the year, work of propaganda of our country intellectual property is further thorough. " Chinese intellectual property signs up for " and numerous central news media sows a large number of influential, stories that have weight in print of important layout, important period of time, built atmosphere of good intellectual property public opinion.

In addition, groom in intellectual property respect, our country intellectual property studies the job is deepened ceaselessly. Bureau of national intellectual property was released " countrywide intellectual property groomed 2008 plan " implement project of 1 billion talents, continue to drive talent of strategic high administrative levels to groom. The unit such as national copyright bureau also strengthened intellectual property talent to groom, international collaboration and communication are deepened ceaselessly; The level that serves obligee rises somewhat; Job of company intellectual property also gains active headway.

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