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By the enterprise sincere letter runs the concern with market credence

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[Summary] in recent years, enterprise sincere letter problem gets wide attention of the society. But people is in treat of when sincere letter, often its and company credit confuse sth with sth else, admit begin Yo of sincere be religious to strengthen credit to build namely. Actually, enterprise sincere letter and market credence are having close tie twice but two when have essential distinction again different ideas, former belong to moral category, latter belongs to economic category; Concern of business market credit is not from the enterprise sincere letter is managed in of generation, but the main base that sincere letter runs the company is business market credence.

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To sincere letter, some of person always is the same as his easily credit confuse sth with sth else, think sincere letter is credit, or it is credit understanding by accident sincere letter. Actually, sincere letter and credence are to have immanent connection already, have two of clear distinction different ideas again.
One, the connotation of sincere letter and credence
Alleged sincere letter, namely the meaning of honest be as good as one's word, it is the concept of category of a morality. In economic society, the moral criterion that pursues between people is to live actually, development, stop the ruse of caustic, consequently, sincere letter is the morality that ruse changed.
1. Sincere letter is one kind lives ruse. People is impossible to the benefit is gotten below isolated condition, must interact through the society, these benefits get in exchange. The human relations in society of people (or weigh human relation) it is the commutative relationship with complex numerous and complicated. Sincere letter is commutative relationship passageway. Without sincere letter, commutative relationship passageway is met block, the interest also cannot come true. Sincere be like Frank Lin Suoyan: The person that has sincere letter can spend the money in others pocket. Modern society gifts the person of sincere letter wins social minister more easily or the society borrows money, obtain the most easily also of course trade companionate.
2. Sincere letter is the foundation of social morality. Because sincere letter is the ligament that trusts each other between person and person, it is the main demand of human association. “ person does not establish ” without the letter, communicate and be being communicated between person and person is to build ” is believed in “ over the foundation of its place character. Ancient Greek Shengzheyalishiduode says, the person is the animal of nature be gregarious, only its just can comprise a society so. And the mankind can be gregarious, because can trust each other,be. Accordingly, without sincere letter this one ligament, do not have the mutual trust between person and person, also do not have normal movement of the society. Having the sense of essential sex to social existence and development because of sincere letter, from of old, any nation or country act according to “ with sincere for this, it is basic moral concept and code of conduct with believing ” establishing line of business.
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