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Industry and informatization ministry: Multinomial measure drives medium and sma

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Health of “ stimulative medium and small businesses develops, must hold to scientific progress view, the central link that strengthens own innovation ability to develop way as economy of structural adjustment of medium and small businesses, change. On the forum of height of medium and small businesses of Sino-South Korean of exposition of medium and small businesses of the 5th China International that ” holds today, industry and Ou Xinqian of informatization ministry undersecretary put forward, various government should take positive step, build the legal environment that is helpful for medium and small businesses innovating independently, policy environment and market environment.

It is reported, at present our country medium and small businesses occupies the 99.8% above of countrywide company number, the end item that medium and small businesses creates and service value take gross domestic product 60% the left and right sides, 50% what taxation of turn over to the higher authorities is national revenue total about, offerred the post of town obtain employment of 75% above. The new product development of the technical innovation of the patent of 65% , 75% above of our country, 80% above is finished by medium and small businesses.

Ou Xinqian points out, medium and small businesses innovates independently, want to note high quality of bring up again, pay attention to can develop continuously, pay attention to cooperation to cooperate. Innovate independently to drive medium and small businesses, various government should perfect relevant policy, increase capital to give aid to, integrated each respect resource, increase the support that builds to public service platform, pay attention to innovation talent education and intellectual property protection.
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