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Protecting intellectual property is activation company competition ability

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2008Year on April 26, we were greeted with " innovation " the 8th when give priority to a problem " day of world intellectual property " . This day more and more take seriously of international society highly and be participated in extensively, explaining popularize intellectual property knowledge and the problem that escalate intellectual property to protect consciousness to had become modern economy life to must take seriously, Why should we hold own intellectual property? 21 centuries are the times of intellectual economy, the knowledge that property right changes serves as the most significant factor of production and money natural resources, center those who make company competition ability and even national core competition ability expression. -- former the State Council Wu Yi of Vice Prime Minister The development as Chinese reforming and opening and join WTO, the connection of our country and whole world is closer and closer, china not only it is the whole world base of the biggest treatment and country of the 3rd large foreign trade, still become the state that maximum foreign exchange reserve has on the world. Because our country is opposite the favorable balance of trade of the developed country is larger and larger, and ethical company is increased to the concussion of foreign company, the life and death that affects them even lives or die, the big stick-means of intimidation that big company of relevant country and international is raising intellectual property is bungled to partial enterprise of home come, make a few companies of domestic are forced to hand in costly patent to allow fee to the international big company that has intellectual property. Domestic company can be done for other only marry the garment, earn trifling treatment fee, get little benefit of some of small as the head of a fly, because financial insolvency patent allows fee,more heavy is a lot of enterprises, bring about go bankrupt close down, became the bad luck the lofty spirit of a nation below big stick-means of intimidation, if domestic DVD produces a business,be best paradigmatic. As these the end of the year the dispute at intellectual property is increasing, the enterprise of country and home values intellectual property more and more, foreign enterprise also accentuates more inspect the intellectual property that is in China. On April 24, 2007, wu Yi of Vice Prime Minister of the State Council is attended forum of high level of Chinese protection intellectual property is intercurrent 2007 the watch speaks. Wu Yi goes out in speaking middle finger, protecting intellectual property is the inevitable option that enhances international competition ability, chinese government height values intellectual property job, already was establish of protective intellectual property national strategy in recent years, made huge effort, and obtained significant progress. According to statistic, to the end of 2007, the whole nation accepts patent to apply for 4028520 in all, 3314591 apply for inside its China, abroad applies for 713929, but abroad has 86% to be invention application, and home has 20.7% to be invention application only, this reflected domestic and international difference. Face the challenge of intellectual property, our country put forward to want will " China is made " change is " China is created " strategic principle, and should become " China is created " , need has own intellectual property in great quantities to be a foundation. Current home is lifting strategy of an intellectual property to heat up, the relevant knowledge that each industry, departmental door, various government organizes intellectual property of relevant unit, company study in succession, patent application, patent is changed live one of the most serious works that the strategy also makes company unit.
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