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Middleman and guarantor assist initiate silver of standard of activity of entire

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In September 18—19 day, chinese insurance guild held “ bank vocational training and examination to fulfil working conference ” in Beijing, this is middleman and guarantor assist the conference that first time organization covers province city and local society. Wang Zhichao secretary-general expresses, after this the conference ends, following the silver of junior travel to maintain a standard will be middleman and guarantor assist change since the activity of entire industry self-discipline with large-scale first time.

It is reported, it is at the beginning of October, association plans to call together silver of birthday risk company to defend the meeting, establish silver to keep business working party; Association will be aimed at the hair that keep watch [2006]70 date " act as agent about normative bank the announcement of insurance Wu " chime is met " convention of self-discipline of business of insurance of bank, postal representative " executive circumstance undertook selectiving examination, start pair of self-discipline treaty edit the job. Wang Zhichao expresses, various association examination is sale misdirect mainly, 2 it is poundage problem, adopt member firm to be checked oneself, local association selectives examination, the examination kind that alternate examination ties between association.

This year 1—7 month, our country silver maintains development of business blowout type, occupy proportion of total insurance cost to pass half, become the main factor that high speed of birthday risk line of business grows. But overall and character, silver keeps business still is the professional work with not high profit, still be the professional work with sale very serious misdirect. In the meantime, the prosperity of capital market brought about what the company measures to capital to take seriously 2007, capital market glided first half of the year 2008, fund sale glides, make capital turn to silver to protect. Say so, 1-7 month silver maintains the high speed growth of business, it is outer ministry environment did not get particularly big, the growth of a quantity below the circumstance of clear improvement, had not caused silver to defend the change with simple channel, silver protects the value of business itself to do not have change.

Present silver protects “ business development state of affairs can not last, not be healthy, not be long-term. This year big those who be sure to bring next year is big fall ” Wang Zhichao says, “ maintains the extensive of business growth to silver, the meeting that keep watch is painful be determined to have adjusting control, we consider as completely correct. Association also will develop good association self-discipline to reach auxiliary superintendency function, fight in coordination with superintendency branch, ensure implementation the four seasons spends the ’ of ‘ soft landing of birthday risk business. ”

Guarantee 3 kinds of when the market exists one-sided recognition to rectifying silver in the light of industry and society, wang Zhichao gives one by one clear.
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