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Sincere letter builds the enterprise to still handle primary level
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Sincere letter builds the business the question is much

The data of this second investigation and industry practice make clear, since putting forward to build social credit system from our country, although had apparent progress,sincere letter builds our country business, but current situation of sincere letter construction still cannot get used to the enterprise completely the requirement of demand of development of reform of system of socialist market economy, business and economic globalization, put in a lot of problems and inadequacy.

Investigation shows, the phenomenon breaks his promise to still be highlighted quite in domain of our country economy at present. The enterprise gets a variety of breaking one's promise the worry of behavior, basically include to default paragraph, break a contact, tort, false information, fake product, quality is con etc. Break his promise in what the enterprise encounters in the phenomenon, the enterprise of place worry occupies the money that be defaulted to be investigated 80% of company number, of break a contact occupy 71% , of tort occupy 47% , of false information occupy 31% , fake of the product occupy 28% , quality is occupied false 13% .

In recent years, our country breaks his promise by the enterprise caused major event presents much hair trend, produce an amount by increase every year since 1~2 annual since 4~5. The typical incident of near future happening has: Divert of division dragon electric equipment, take up stockholder capital proposal, proposal of capital of a huge sum of divert of treasure of Guangdong be good at force, europe allusion floor publicizes incident phonily, incident of ” of Xin Fu of “ of Anhui China source. In the meantime, the enterprise breaks his promise the many link of the phenomenon that appear in battalion of already of look forward to. In Qiqihaerdi 2 pharmacy make feigned case in, medicines and chemical reagents produces purchase, into factory, production, leave factory, the many link such as the sale exist break one's promise phenomenon.

The aspect is built in credit market environment, investigation shows, the company is not high to evaluation of environment of market of our country business standing, think to be occupied commonly by 57% of investigation enterprise, think to be occupied confusedly 25% , think to be occupied normatively 11% . Bull of the main reason our country that creates this kind of situation's active credit market presence manages, each are concerned information is not shared between management department, external underground. Resource sets up a separatist regime by force of arms those who restricted market of our country credit is farther perfect.

From questionnaire investigation reclaims the circumstance looks, level of sincere fuse manage still is in our country enterprise primary level. The staff that at present sincere letter runs the company and resource short relatively, the staff of is felt to lack major by investigation enterprise sincere fuse manage of 87% . The constituent structure that sincere fuse manages, duty, program and resource cannot get partial enterprise fulfil, sincere letter manages a system to cannot be formed. Compare with international level photograph, sincere letter runs our country company systematization, specialization the level is inferior. Enterprise sincere letter is overall the horizontal lag development at market economy, credit management is not perfect, administrative performance is inferior, morality manages lag. In the meantime, at present our country lacks the level that runs a side in sincere letter and application, sincere letter runs the company of the system build still be in exploration.
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