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The exterior is suspected of borroweding Europe of Great Wall demon is banned to
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The lingering sound that double-loop CEO is sentenced to prohibit be being sold in Germany has not come loose, again own brand car is sentenced in Europe tort. Last week, clever court adjudges city of Italian northwest ministry, prohibit GWPeri of demon of small-sized car Great Wall enters the own brand that car of Chinese Great Wall produces European sale.

   Court: Exterior design and panda are similar
Clever court thinks, design of outward appearance of Great Wall spirit and Feiyate panda (Panda) too too similar, just change somewhat in front just. Clever court is based on this judgement, the ruling prohibits demon enters sale of European Union market, the hearse of the first essence that still asks the Great Wall is imported for Europe pays 15000 euro (162, 370 yuan) amerce. If the Great Wall continues to export this car to Europe, will be in with every car 50 thousand euro (541, 233 yuan) amerce.
Before this, feiyate mentioned to Great Wall Motor Corporation in Italy and China lawsuit, the design of exterior of ” of demon of “ of product of the first car that shape announces the Great Wall has borrowed Feiyate the suspicion of panda model. The intent prevents Feiyate Great Wall car sells car of Great Wall demon is small quantity in European Union and Chinese market. The lawsuit that Dan Feiya is in China especially was not adjudged at present.
The Great Wall: Place is about to prevent demon outcome
“ is clever forensic court decision is simple and easy, the court decision of provisionality, make a person incomprehensible quite, and apparent inequity. Car of ” Great Wall publicizes ministry minister Shang Yugui to express, the Great Wall mentions affirmation answer appeal to. Shang Yugui expresses, understand according to them, the expert team that clever court appoints for this second case does not think demon tort, because spirit appearance has a characteristic very much, consumer can be very easy come to demon and panda area departure, do not involve exterior tort range, additionally demon accords with an European Union to run sexual requirement. But the opinion of final expert group was not adopted by the court.
Shang Yugui thinks, this court decision does not exclude factitious element effect as a result, this is the local court protection to native car company, the hope prevents demon to be exported to the European Union with this. Since 2004, panda car is Europe's best-selling miniature car all the time. And demon car causes menace directly to the sale of panda.
   Reporter observation: Imitating is to surmount
“ demon is the Great Wall the product of own research and development, did not encroach Feiyate the exterior is patent. ” accuses to Feiyate's tort, shang Yugui emphasizes. But the information that the reporter gets from other channel is, the Great Wall is when demon of research and development, ever had studied Feiyate's panda really, message personage has seen panda inside Great Wall factory even.
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