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The exterior is suspected of borroweding Europe of Great Wall demon is banned to
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Stylist of domestic some car points out after comparing panda and demon, “ panda ” has the style of line of lateral of automobile body of ” of demon of Great Wall “ and side window and Feiyate to be in similarly, but added a share composition of own research and development. Domestic automobile industry also admits at present, company of car of major own brand is in process of research and development, have truly imitate international the experience of congener product. And now the Leikesasi of famous (LEXUS) in 80 time, ever also had imitated Benz of luxurious car overlord.
But imitating is not long apparently plan. Because be in home market, these products can get protection, in the western country with intellectual property perfect law, tycoon of the car that cross a state is very easy can limitation of own brand product is in the famous general with tort besides territory.
Industry expert warns domestic car company accordingly, above all, imitating is not a purpose, because be imitated purely,surpass original product very hard; Next, although imitate,also ought to take more clever step, lest “ gives a person with handle ” ; Again, imitating is a phase only, car company should achieve real progress, must be in digest absorb a foundation to go up to place copy of drawing of patterns gradually, master completely own car technology. (author: Huang Xiwei)
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