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Officinal glass industry and standard development are dynamic
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The conference is main the purpose is the necessity that elaborates our country medicine to pack standardization strategy and inevitability, how does research build the officinal glass that accords with Chinese national condition to standardize the strategy, next jobs of industry of discussion medicine glass and development direction edit standard of officinal glass association and the career of stimulative China medicine that pack is faster better progress. The conference is main content is as follows: One, those who standardize the strategy is imperative, officinal glass not outdated and have its peculiar advantage. The standardization strategy that medicine of go to a doctor of Cai great secretary-general packs made a speech. 1, the major change of international environment, the change of the need that for instance economic globalization admits, need of industrial international competition ability and consumer viewpoint of value force system of standardization to make reform. What the developed country strives for native interest through formulating standardization strategy is the biggest change, the commanding elevation of occupational international standard and dominant establishs important international standard. And our country is in this respect once upon a time is to be in the level that adopts a standard, also put forward to take an active part in only now, from establish a standard, assume international to standardize orgnaization secretariat job to wait to still have a paragraph of space. The issue involves each trades the standardization strategy of personal interest is imperative, also should get each production take seriously adequately of the enterprise. 2, officinal glass product does not pass when, with plastic waiting for material to replace glass character is not the progress on the technology, officinal glass is in the advantage that assures quality of medicines and chemical reagents and respect of environmental protection second birth is apparent. The group comparison of domestic officinal glass is much, and with be able to bear or endure basically ability in swimming distinguishs abroad, how are we classified more reasonable reach home is mass-produced the feasibility that uses 5 glass remains at farther discussion. 2, officinal glass standard is used to the safety of medicines and chemical reagents, had positive effect to the standard of officinal glass market and development, but there also are a few problems in using a process, because this returns need,undertake editing necessarily working to the standard the quality with raising a level further. Ling of luck of congratulate of place of calibrating of Chinese drug biological product introduced a few years to come officinal glass standard a few problems in executive process. Be like: Standard around is not quite consistent, in the structure, a few examine the respect such as law of proved recipe of project, check, index is existing difference; Item target scope of application is narrow, put in the problem in process of test and verify; Standard format problem; Officinal glass classification remains to adjust, make its system more sound. (specific content sees accessory 1) the hope is in this year YBB metric system (long) in the process, manufacturer of officinal glass production mixes the issue that in producing a course, appears the traditional Chinese medicine in be being offerred after collect of association of classics of result of a few tests tastes place of biological product calibrating, edit for its the reference when officinal glass standard is used. Of the standard make edit the test and verify that the process needs the evaluation of professional inspection agency to still need an industry not only. 3, Shen Changzhi of director of officinal glass committee of experts made important speech on the meeting. Main content is as follows: 1, standard and international conform. Standard cent is standard of the person that use and generator standard, what abroad uses generally is the standard of the person that use such as American pharmacopoeia, Europe pharmacopoeia. Foreign officinal glass asks to be able to bear or endure only ability in swimming, it is chemical consistence and biology consistence moreover. The glass of 2 China is used undeserved. The glass of 7 can be used completely, because it is accorded with,fight water one class. 5 glass are fought alkaline not be one class, fight alkaline glass to have vitreous variety additionally. Neuter glass of abroad asks to fight water only and do not ask to fight alkaline one class. Installing the glass of 7 fluid of profess to convinced is huge waste. 3, the market admittance of company of officinal glass production and fall into disuse. Be in at present respect of daily expense glass, national hair changes appoint made " vitreous industry cleanness produces evaluation quota system " , " industry admittance condition " reach guild to make " norm of grade of specific power consumption " , total bureau of national environmental protection was made " vitreous industry cleanness produces a standard " , and officinal glass industry does not have similar standard, have product level only, the admittance doorsill of market of officinal now glass is too low, go against the development of the industry. Additionally officinal glass production detects must realize digitlization stage by stage, have but date from sex. 4, domestic glass plays the difference that provides the current situation and abroad basically is dimension precision problem, stand-alone yield is low. Dcl

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