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Pharmacy machinery brief the 76th period
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Pharmacy machineryBrief

The 76th period

Postcode of secretariat of guild of Chinese pharmacy equipment: 100067 2008 year on September 20

Garden of glad of careless bridge of area of Beijing abundant stage one area 4 phones: 010-87584931 turns 127 faxes: 010-87584935

Http://www.phmacn.com E­mail:cApe@phmacn.com

Trade information

·Guild of Chinese pharmacy equipment the 4th 4 times council reachs 4 5 times standing board is held

Guild of Chinese pharmacy equipment the 4th 4 board in August 2008 24 ~ save city of beautiful Mu Si 29 days to hold in Heilongjiang.

44 people attend concerned personnel of current director, adviser and secretariat the conference. 9 director such as production limited company of Wen Zhouya smooth machinery on business, ask for leave due to illness, machinery of pharmacy of limited company of in relief machinery plant of Inc. of machinery of distant in relief pharmacy, benefit, Wuhan is finite 3 director of liability company, because the enterprise reorganizations, change make did not attend the meeting. Current board shares director 48, attend Bencihui to view 36 people, 75% what hold director sum total, conference resolution is efficient. The main content that the thing meets Bencili:
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