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The Chinese traditional medicine of decoct burnt should discard
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Healthy life signs up for 2008.09.26.

Chinese traditional medicine can treat the reason of the disease, depend on it containing alkaloid, saponin, tan to wait for active ingredient character. Chinese traditional medicine should suffer, the purpose depends on wanting to suffer the active ingredient in medicaments come out, with benefit at treating a disease.

The method of decoct medicine is proper, very influential to its curative effect. Suffer time became short, the active ingredient of medicaments suffers not to come out, the influence treats a disease the effect; Suffer time is too long, can make the property of active ingredient produces a change. For example, after burnt of decoct of nourishing sex Chinese traditional medicine, its sex flavour can be become by Gan Tian agonized, impossible recrudesce arrives nourishing action; After invigorate the circulation of blood changes burnt of silt medicaments decoct, can become the remedy that has hemostatic effect. After burnt of decoct of major Chinese traditional medicine, active ingredient can be destroyed, even the effect is adverse, this Qing Dynasty is hot cannot clear heat, this are nourishing cannot nourishing. Accordingly, chinese traditional medicine should discard after decoct burnt