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11 go on a journey have medicines and chemical reagents is recommended constantl
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East signs up for 2008-9-25   today 11 long holidays are coming, a lot of people plan to answer native place to visit one's family or travel. The expert reminds, joy celebrates a festival to also want to notice oneself is healthy, answer to had made the necessary preparation that prevent disease before go on a journey, spend a health, happy vacation. The person is in journey, commonly 4 kinds of common disease want beware of. It is a cold, want to notice dress of timely increase and decrease. 2 it is stomach ailment, want to notice dietetic hygiene. 3 it is natural environment refuses to obey. The expert reminds, the fruit should eat more after producing natural environment to refuse to obey, eat fat food less, still can take a few much more enzymatic piece with vitamin B2. 4 it is beware of is bitten. If be bitten by the insect in the journey, had better use alkalescent liquid irrigate, can eliminate ache. If by snakebite, want to observe the tooth mark of cut above all, if stay,having mark of two front tooth is be bitten by serpent, should plunge into cut upside with the belt instantly close diffuse in order to prevent toxin, at the same time toxin epispastic or crowded piece, wash cut with suds, the hospital goes at once later. When the proposal travels, the expert can prepare the following medicines and chemical reagents: Antibiotic kind (wait like Xin Nuoming of medicine made of two or more ingredients) ; Element of the rhizome of Chinese goldthread, use at alvine path infection; Medicine of cough of disease-resistant bane content, cold, be like board La Gen; Solution is hot, demulcent kind of medicaments, like aspirin, go painful piece; Digestion is commonly used medicine, wait like peaceful of gastropine, 39 stomaches; Respiratory system is commonly used medicine, be like licorice of capsule of quick result catch a cold, compound piece etc; Fight allergic medicaments, wait like Si Min of chlorpheniramine, breath; Traumatic with medicine, be like safflower oil, iodine, bandage, achieve can stick etc.