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Children deaf is brought about by antibiotic more
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Guangzhou daily 2008.09.26. According to statistic of Chinese incomplete couplet, our country is mixed every year because of genetic, medicaments gravid wait for a reason to be added newly deaf 30 thousand much person, and among them most probably children audition obstacle is acquired element is caused. In section of international deaf person (during 9.28) comes, professor Wang Xijun points out center of ear-nose-throat of armed police hospital, according to clinical statistic, about 30% ~ of 40% deaf will treat a disease the day after tomorrow in the process, put in the problem of unreasonable use antibiotic. Child of obstacle of subjective cognizance audition is medicaments influence and parent to shut disease oneself only, delinquency treats an opportunity, become cause deaf the main factor of generation. Teach the introduction according to Wang Xijun, current, wait for a reason as a result of noise pollution of drug poisoning, genetic infection, environment, contingency, cause a lot of children to produce audition obstacle, among them the deaf that drug poisoning causes resides head of a list of names posted up high. Wang Xijun tells a reporter, because medical personnel abuses be caused by of deaf sex antibiotic,the little patient with drug poisoning deaf sex is for the most part. Because know inadequacy to these ear noxiousness medicaments, do not use drug with medical dosage according to children, dose is too large, period of treatment is too long, bring about antibiotic of amino glucoside saccharide toxic, arose to cause deaf serious consequence. Proposal parent, when the hospital uses drug to the child, must examine manual of medicines and chemical reagents, whether is asking Qing Dynasty antibiotic of amino glucoside saccharide, want to use drug cautiously.