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When to sleep in the evening the most healthy
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Common saying of Ningxia net   says, "Sleep early rise early the body is good " , this has certain and scientific reason. The person is in Morpheus when, consciousness is not clear about relatively, optional motion stops sarcous, help everybody restore physical ability thereby, consolidate memory, its importance is next to breath and heartbeat, it is to maintain health indispensable. Had good Morpheus, can make keep sober the following day with vigor. The generation of Morpheus, basically rely on cerebrum excretive hormone -- , fade black always is revulsive, its exudation has the law very much, days, the density in blood is extremely low, arrived the night is remarkable and elevatory, before dawn at 2 o'clock, highest peak is reached when 3 o'clock. Decrease gradually as what fade black element secretes an amount low, morpheus becomes shallow gradually, awake till morning nature. The proposal prepares to sleep before 10:30   normal Morpheus is form by deep Morpheus and shallow Morpheus, both and alternant appear, only deep Morpheus just is effective Morpheus, have main effect to eliminating exhaustion, refection, but in its total Morpheus time in every day and night, occupy only 15% the left and right sides. The person is in nightly at 0 o'clock, between 4 o'clock obtain deep Morpheus easily, normal adult, the ability after falling asleep 60 minutes commonly can enter first time deep Morpheus. Accordingly, we suggest, the preparation before the adult that does not have sleep-disorder begins to undertake sleeping before 10:30 in the late evening works, if wash gargle, loosen, go to bed, assure to fall asleep before 11 o'clock, a hour hind enters deep Morpheus smoothly, in order to assure good Morpheus quality. Insomnious therapeutics: Begin the time that sleep besides the attention, accurate Morpheus method still includes the following, namely abroad advocates all the time " insomnious behavior learns therapeutics " , handy easy travel, apply to the cure of all sorts of type insomnia disease. 1. Undertake measurable physical training by day, conduce to deepen Morpheus; 2. Do not undertake is not Morpheus activity on the bed, if see TV, job, think, read etc, these undesirable habits, can cause the excitement before sleeping, destroy the normal part law of Morpheus, bring about insomnia thereby; 3. If had not fallen asleep after 20 minutes, should leave a bedroom, search a comfortable place is sitting or recumbent, be far from book, TV, computer, stay 20 minutes quietly. Can sit quietly or contemplative, wait for the farewell when having drowsiness to arrive to go up in the bed. If be no good, can repeat undertake. 4. When to fall asleep everyday no matter, early morning should time get up, even if mix on the weekend holiday, the go to bed that also should insist to secure and get up time, with the Morpheus with this normal tenability, arousal section law, improve Morpheus efficiency.

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