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Write the problem that product standard should note

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After our country of Dcl enters WTO WTO, the custom duty camp in commerce is broken, subsequently the technical camp in commerce makes main field, the basis is technical trade barrier agreement (WTO/TBT agreement) , the eligible assess of the product should offer those who accord with a standard to prove really to all member country, it is the proof that commerce the other side approbates. Accordingly, urgent need has transition to making modelling standard, make a standard applicable the need of market trade, get used to the competition of product technology. The problem that in be being drafted according to the standard below, exists puts forward. One, the certain level name of standard name should cut characteristic of expressive product type or series relationship truly, right " full automatic " the use of coronal waiting for a word wants discreet, accurate; Need to consider the impact of line and stand-alone to the standard name of product line. The attention answers when writing: 1) the structure of standard name presses GB/T1.1, 2000 in the principle of 6.2.1, apply correctly guide element, main body element and additional essential factor, brachylogy decides product standard name really, when the coronal with " automatic " , " full automatic " , " high speed " , " efficient " when attribute, the control pitch beard of its product and symbol of its attribute name actually. 2) standard of linkage line, product line (series standard) of the name write a principle, the thematic essential factor that should reflect series commonly, state individual element again, make can convey the correlativity between its series. Be like: Plastic bottle fill installs the composition of linkage line standard. Fill of plastic bottle of.3 of × of × of × of × of cleaning machine JB holds line of linkage of outfit of fill of plastic bottle of.2 of × of × of × of × of JB of line of linkage of outfit of fill of plastic bottle of.1 of × of × of JB × × fill of plastic bottle of.4 of × of × of JB × × installs dryer of linkage line channel linkage line fill is installed, the attention answers when writing: Do not include in preface " foreword " or " foreword " narrate the origin of standard value, task, content that makes a process wait one kind. 3, the in writing limits attention of limits does not narrate the industry with applicable product and utility, what what say here is the limits with this applicable standard, is not the suitable scope of the product. 4, normative sex cites the writing of the file cites chapter middling has the file to be not written guide of language, note cite with place with what do not note date concept faintness the standard already edited, its still cite to abandon standard code name or name to wait for a circumstance. The attention answers when writing: 1) should press GB/T1.1, 2000 in 6.2.3 draw up guide language. 2) the standard that the for love or money must observe (full text cites) , lv of take an examination does not note date to cite. If be in the standard that drafts, have inside its article cite in some standard of specific provision should note date to cite, because cite once the standard is edited, what cause a number possibly is fluctuant. 3) quotative standard must be checked new, whether is its look the ground is the standard that check active, standard code name and name have without the change, secondly the content of new standard and clause have a change, should reconsider whether continueing cite and applicable. When clause or content the standard that when changing, drafts also should change, be like: GB191, 2000 after editing, its " careful put down gently " etc already by international current term and designation are replaced. 4) cite standard permutation is not to press a standard to be arranged what appear in text early or late orderly, what the standard should press file of mark of GB, travel, normative sex is ordinal, code name by small to big ordinal arrange. 5) occupation standard must not cite industry standard, when must citing, can use a character to narrate means to cite wants content. 6) the standard that did not allude inside text of standard, referenced file and the standard that standard preface mentions, standard, should not include " normative sex citation " in. 5, the writes term to decide principle of term and definition and written question are more, some will be short sentence the explanation serves as term, a lot of exceeds this level range that some term decide, some definitions are not compendious, some is not a vocabulary however statement. The attention answers when writing: 1) the establish of term should produce bemused, different meanings, misunderstanding, promiscuous special vocabulary easily to have a definition with respect to the understanding to technical content, be like: Of three-dimensional blender " three-dimensional " wait for this kind of individual character, appropriative vocabulary is made. 2) country or occupation standard already had defined, current term does not repeat commonly put forward to make. When need adducible its term, but its definition must not be changed, when writing, in term Zhang Zhi falls, before specific technical terms, should add guide language specification " of the establish in × of × of GB/T × × and following term and definition apply to this standard " . 3) term hind is due flower translation, and the definition of term should expression is accurate, succinct, straightaway, this is the principle that term writes. 6, classify and label write those who classify middling to have a series to form, specification of principle of the composition of the machine, product as classification, made be unworthy of the name or the title. The premise that the product classifies is the condition that the product wants to have classification above all, do not have a requirement should not classify constrainedly. The attention answers when writing: 1) classification should undertake an analysis from product function character, feature of the breed of the product, type (kind of way of control means, configuration, movement, stuff) the material that can classify as the product, but either want fractionize to all features, classified purpose is product of distinction, management is used, because this answers,go with respect to the main feature of the product research, reasonable differentiate product category. 2) product classification should mirror a product compendiously to have the individual character feature with special what (breed, type) , it also is the foundation of work out model at the same time, do not admit the composition of the orgnaization classification. 3) " classify and label " if the content in the chapter has when belonging to the project that needs to examine, should be in " requirement " regulation of the re-act in the chapter. 7, of norms parameter write norms series big, production parameter is much, the principle of affirmatory parameter is not clear wait for a problem more, what can serve as parameter, what should not be in drafting, parameter needs to consider and master. Parameter is reflective product the quantity of main function, the dependency of parameter should consider when the choice, namely: The rule of parameter (common citing, be like: The body length of dress, bust, neckline is to make the clothing main parameter, the basic parameter that also is diversification production) and right other and relevant or the influence of series product (be like again: Paper norms is right papermaking, cut paper, make this, the mechanical correlativity such as duplicate) . The attention answers when writing: 1) norms must reasonable simplify, this in new product development hind, enlarge sows unripe antenatal to be weighed particularly should, answer to the product of extensive already production the methodological praepostor that root Ju circumstance presses GB321 to first number department simplifies or put forward preferential norms is produced, do not answer not to add its progress of limitation, parameter (contain specification) classification should consider to use, successive, development and simplifying need. 2) the main technique index that basic parameter is reflective product ability and functional feature, but not all index should serve as parameter, establish parameter wants science, accurate, not due still the factor that limits product development, be like: Set " over all dimension " the congener product that easy limitation is not those who unite a design or needs to improve. 3) norms decides really should consider to optimize from the demand of the product and applicability (namely: Simplify) , be like: Sheeting die is the manufacturing condition of tablet diversification, but at present statistic, die external diameter already became influence sheeting machine and die deputy current crucial problem, should make its general and main depend on decrease or unite of the standards of external diameter measurement of strong staff, die, but do not be aimed at but the type developing a hammer of diversification, this is reasonable the analytic train of thought that drafts norms. 8, of product model write there are two kinds of point of views now, one part disapproves of unified model, the reason is to want to distinguish at other and congener product, the reason of special code name that thinks model is to represent him product should be not mixed other company is same. Return some enterprises to be market of user of race to control, the make an issue of on date is improved in products plan. Model is a kind of pronoun of the product, have identify a function, tell from this meaning, same product is due in the environment of big production the unified appellation inside a limits is normative, in WTO international trade, to the entrance national identifying exports place of home made product to need model, because this one industry is opposite,the normative requirement of congener product model is necessary, the product identifying to press brand by company of model, choice in wanting to make clear merchandise trade is the regulation of the market. The attention answers when writing: 1) the model of pharmacy machinery product should weave by YY/T0216, current mechanism can press work out of corresponding model standard. Model does not exceed 16 character at most commonly, do not allow to use I, O in character two letters. 2) model wait for composition by functional code name, type code name, feature code name, norms code name, the staff that needs to emphasize type code name and diagnostic code name among them should be made according to the classification of the product, if cannot be opposite reasonably product function or classification of characteristics, its code name is not easy and proper make up calm, answer to be decided in order to mirror the parameter of product ability or character trait surely really to norms code name. Be like: If some container equipment appears inappropriate with diameter of cylinder, because its diameter cannot convey the productivity of the machine (efficiency) or structure the characteristic that wait, if convert most high capacity or the code name that outfit quantity regards norms as, but more intuitionistic, some exacter. 3) the code name regulation that model should press a regulation weaves according to order, do not answer to weave by the word order of product name, model is in do not cause promiscuous condition next answering as far as possible simple. But, again our drafter decides the work out of specific code name, those who decide is impertinent may appear the circumstance of one engine much model, be like: Set in some engine level, model is comprised by 7 parts such as code name of functional code name, type code name, content content category, feature code name, cooling means code name. Be like again: The norms code name in model still has what comprise by two parts, namely: Norms of crop and bottled quantity, bottle and manufacturing rate, cause the inconstancy of crop by the change of bottle norms. Above among them the change of a code name meets random make this product derive a new-style date. 4) about product line (linkage line) model, think to should not use each other irrelvant model weave, each stand-alone and line are due dependency, because the line is much chance composition, reason line does not need to have independent type. Be like: Some linkage line advocate model is KL surely, what its belong to cleaning machine T of · of KL of the J of · of KL of machine of F of · of KL of machine of outfit of M of · of KL of machine of X of usable KL · , sterilization, cent, examination, machine that stick a label. Such each stand-alone had clear attributive, also identify a product easily. 5) archetypal date accords with YY0216 standard, editing when the standard, should consider inheritance to be not revised to original code name easily as far as possible. 6) improve number about the design, because the industry is congener,all the industry does not integrate a design the product, reason improves date not to have a product transverse relative condition, the sense that creates accordingly is not great, this one auxiliary code name can be undertaken by work out of company proper motion interior design administration is used, this code name can be not established in occupation standard. 9, of the requirement the core that writing a requirement is product standard, the quality of its content relation standard and level, what its clausal administrative levels is affecting experiment method provision is reasonable weave. Of the requirement put forward to answer the comprehensive understanding according to applicable to the product function, want to make qualitative characterization to product quality not only, and the regulation that asks to make ration, mention here " quality " be to show what product function character decides, is not to use a design (design) convey with treatment craft. Current medical engine level belongs to production to make modelling structure more, this kind of structure is existing to be made again, light function, adverse henceforth the eligible assess of the product. The attention answers when writing: 1) " requirement " the principle that draft. We are varied to the requirement of the product, including a level completely is impossible, ISO standardizes guideline [methodology] put forward a purpose to the gender, greatest freedom is spent and can confirm sexual principle, new castigatory GB/T1.2, 2002 also absorbed these 3 principles. The product is having the functional character that differs severally (individual character) , what the standard is aimed at is this one " individual character " , is not the general character of workmanship, everybody needs to be written clearly " requirement " this one object. Purpose sex principle is to show pair of products are overall of the function applicable, good use quality establish; The greatest freedom is spent is to point to those who make sure the function asks to allow abundant to spend, be like: To material property regulation, but not specific calm material brand, wanting pilot is a result, but do not restrict treatment technique... etc, make the product has the development space of technology and function; Can confirming the gender is the requirement that shows place is carried is to be able to use experiment method to try of test and verify, far from can the requirement of test and verify should nonfeasance requirement clause. 2) making a standard go up, want to turn round the train of thought that makes bid according to product workmanship order, be like,decrease: Cooperation part, treatment is bought outside, assemble the requirement that waits for craft to make, because its cannot reflect the personality of the product (function) , also cannot convey an user to the product (function) demand. But to pressure vessel this kind of special product still needs to allude workmanship. Accordingly, the line should be given priority to with the function of the product when drafting (refer to article appendix) , by functional assemble, function analysis, function is arranged, the method that the function quantifies, what should establish standard convey, what to write, those who have arrangement is right " requirement " the clause is reasonable layout hind is resumptive editor. 3) wrote in the past often use " should accord with this standard, the draft that approves according to the regulation is made " begin, the meaning of this word is in of the standard " limits " in already explained, and the design is not unified design. Product standard is to be aimed at eventually of form product, "Requirement " it is by the function of product substance and quality character, is not in order to accord with design and workmanship (process quality) will evaluate, accordingly, this cannot serve as a condition that measures product performance, should take out. Such as " should design... " , "Not due the design did not set... " wait for a statement also inappropriate. 4) " requirement " in should set a problem as far as possible commonly, such weave entry is clear, and easily as corresponding as experiment method. 5) a problem should is aimed at in a clause or same kind the problem has a demand, can create situation of reduplicative of unclear, congener content easily otherwise, be like: "On the safe side of electric equipment performance, operate ┈ of acute and correct ┈ . " the requirement that its problem is safety is too simple, operation and safety are two different respects, reason is drafted in the key wants arrangement of equitable distribution clause. 6) " requirement " in, often have put forward only " should have such-and-such unit " this kind of clause that asks what to does not have later development however. Lack the purpose that studies this plant further and the requirement to device. Be like: "Due make lot number device. " do not fight each other however the accuracy requirement of the handwriting of lot number, depth, position; "× × is due tear off a line. " incorrect however tear off the effect (break off, twist off) requirement. The goal that establishs a standard is not to ask to have what device or structure, ask its should reach a what kind of function mass however. Be like again: "Screening amplitude should adjustable; Bolt number of plies should adjustable. " among them, of the close solid security that lacks amplitude value, oscillatory effect, oscillatory equipment however, multi-deck screen tear open easily outfit, clean the essence that waits for a respect to ask. 7) of some requirements write deviate the subject that considers expression, be like: "Place does not get pair of medicines and chemical reagents to produce pollution with lubricant " , look be like right, fine the menace that considers lubricant has pair of medicines and chemical reagents to form pollution, its key element is not the lube, problem that how be controlled to lubricant device and sealed measure however and avoids pollution to raise a requirement, this need notices the expression of character and word meaning. 8) the provision that need not explain in the standard or shows place to make and requirement, be like: "... in order to avoid the spill outside medical fluid, ... " , " need according to production but... " , " ... observe in order to facilitate at any time " , " ... safe device, in order to ensure can... " wait. 10, of experiment method write existing in experiment method experiment method content is not fine, decide the statement is much; Because of " requirement " congener experiment repeats the reason; Experiment method and " requirement " not corresponding; The regulation is too simple and not easy carry out the circumstance that wait. The attention answers when writing: 1) of experiment method write middling to see " (such-and-such experiment) its should accord with × × as a result regulation " such deciding language, the requirement of eligible assess should be not contained in its method, this project that will be understood to be each product otherwise all should have this test. The method of the experiment is in this chapter, it is how allegation is maintained only " requirement " the specific means of content, trying itself of proved recipe law with respect to its do not need to be carried out independently, only test gauge alludes and have the effect of the evaluation with the ability after the requirement is combined, so, experiment method should be simple method only, sentence attribute need not line out. 2) experiment method and " requirement " the clause wants correspondence, what asks to be about to have as corresponding as its experiment method. Be like: Put forward in the requirement " environmental suitability " (point to the product suiting to climate ability) , corresponding however is in the experiment " experiment ambient conditions " , appear of a problem and parameter abhorrent. The experiment that this standard asks should be to undertake the product below climate maximum position bears the examination of ability, its " experiment ambient conditions " it is the special provision that undertakes place of some specific experiment needs ambient conditions however, not be same question. 3) " requirement " write not fine, " experiment method " simple more existence, be like: In the requirement " electric safety performance concerns a provision mediumly by GB5226. " in its experiment method " the concerned regulation in pressing GB5226 experiments. " specific without demonstrate (requirement and experiment) project and clause, this is the main field that influence standard carries out. Additional, when Shang Re can cite without relevant experiment method standard, should study can a handy, easy travel, accurate test and verify deep " requirement " method, make the project of a requirement can get accurate cognizance, be like: Requirement " there must not be apparent silt, dregs of a decoction after stock is cleaned. " but did not provide experiment means, the likelihood is to think very intuitionistic already not necessary, but actual in cannot affirm however, if consider to use sampling of one terrarium, classics, brace up shake or does agitate observe sedimentary method is not better, the key is to should establish a specific, feasible, reasonable method. 4) when should method of a few kinds of experiments or method standard are placed before, we answer to be able to choose a kind only handy the method with easy travel, good reappearance. To " noise determines when using simple and easy method... , when using project method... . " this kind of regulation that allows a few kinds of methods to coexist, cause the error on the method already, do not undertake unity evaluating easily again. 5) each experiment in trial section should set a problem, the specification is what experiment. What establishs experiment method can cut truly not only is right " requirement " clausal evaluation, and its method is carried out easily, its write content to include: Program of condition of test facilities, experiment, test and result (point to the result that waits for an experiment to obtain through computation) state, its content can inspect a circumstance to accept or reject, . 11, examine to be written regularly examine the problem of the chapter basically is reached in editor administrative levels, sampling method sentence established rule or practice to go up. The attention answers when writing: 1) in editing, often a routine inspection test and type examine common a circumstance that sample and sentences criterion of established rule or practice, this is incorrect. Routine inspection test is the checking program that uses the examination that pursue a stage, type examines to use the checking program of spot check, cannot promiscuous. In respective checking program its sentence established rule or practice to also differ, leave factory of the product unqualified after allowing repair answer check, and type examines not to allow repair, unqualified sentence examine for type unqualified. But allow pair of unqualified blame keys, can use double the method of answer check confirms unqualified account further. This is routine inspection test and type examine the differentia of in principle. 2) sample about what type examines, write methodological diversity at present, to citing what sampling standard should decide according to the complexity of the product and batch, show the weave that sees more: "Smoke in a batch of products 10% , smoke 3 to measure 1 at least, 1 is measured when be less than 10 " , look from literal be like rigorous, it is contradictory however actually, press after all 10% , still be 3, why be less than 10 not to smoke 3 at least. How to smoke no matter by this regulation, no matter prototype how many, in the final analysis is to measure only. Arrive as the size according to goods lot, regulation an appropriate sampling scale, make sample exacter. 3) sampling standard uses GB/T10111 more now, also have those who use GB2828, GB2829, but when using these two levels, do not want to cite blindly, these two standards are normally applicable relatively large quantities of, approve continuously sample, GB2828 is used at be being approved continuously, GB2829 is used at producing the cycle check of process stability, when using, need to have specific (relax, add severe) wait for a regulation, general and unwell at be opposite medical machine is not serial production, lesser batch this kind eventually form product samples, this two mark are used at the product to produce process quality to control had better, be like: Die and other part treatment. 12, of the appendix writing a standard is technical code, some answers to want to have in its content editor, the scarcely that should not want wants. Be like: Some standards provided means of a few kinds of experiments to identical requirement, some forms that use data sex appendix are listed, be like: "Some experiment presses the experiment method of appendix of some compasses plasticity. The method that also can refer to data sex appendix " , once carry out meeting influence to unite assess such making up. The attention answers when writing: 1) the add content that normative sex appendix is standard text, the clause of add content when use standard is used at the same time, appendix cannot self-existent, must be in " requirement " be alluded in article. 2) data sex appendix understands to blur quite at present, data sex appendix basically is the additional information that be used at giving out to understand or uses a standard to have auxiliary effect, be like: The basis of main provision in the standard; Professional technology introduces; The reference material of certain article; The specification of use standard show sexual content relevantly directly with this standard. Do not belong to afore-mentioned or irrelvant is add information, answer not to set this appendix. 13, of other side write 1) the designation of unit of measurement and quantity is wrong: -- kilogram Kg should KV of Kg, voltage should KW of KV, power (Kw, Kw) should KW, (K shows: Unit of heating power temperature opens Er article) ; -- second S should S, (S shows: Conductance unit Xi Menzi) ; -- noise decibel Db should DB; -- pressure Mpa reachs MPa to answer MPa, (M shows: Rice) ; -- horary kilogram of Kg/H should Kg/ H, horary rise L/ H to answer L /h (L/h) , (H shows: Inductance unit Henry) ; -- limits value, be like: 60~70 % should be written into 60 %~70 % or (60~70) % , the designation of size scope, temperature limits also is the same as; -- the mistake is indicative, be like: ≤ ± 5% , by its original intention should be written into ≤ of > ﹣ 5%~ 5% , usable also ± 5% expression; -- error value, be like: 2 ℃ of 25 ± should be written into 25 ℃ ± 2 ℃ or (25 ± 2) ℃ ; 0.01 ㎜ of 17.5 ± should be written into 17.5 ㎜ ± 0.01 ㎜ or (17.5 ± 0.01) ㎜; 220V ± 5% should write into 220 (1 ± 5% ) V. -- avoid unit symbol and character to mix make up, be like: 50mL water / Kg or 50mLH2
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