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GB/T1.1 standard chemical industry makes guideline study point

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Learn a point One, the basic and regular requirement that writes a standard: 1, in the limits in the standard, should the dividing line that place of standard of make a clear distinction uses, and do one's best is complete, should not provide partial content only and set in other levels. 2, write should clear, accurate, harmonious, point to with the word accurate, logic is strong, rigorous, avoid is amphibolous, prevent different person to produce different understanding from different point of view. Level of 3, mature latest technology, its are mature not be particular demand it is newest, highest. 4, should provide framework for prospective technology development, show the standard is in namely carry out period inside should have development space and room. 5, written standard can be not attended the personnel of mark careful understands, requirement standard expression is simple palpability, straightaway, avoid to use the wording that abstruse vocabulary, dialectal, spoken language changes. The standard should have the following quality: Oneness: Hand is right inside a standard or inside the standard of a series. ----The unity of standard structure, the chapter in basically pointing to series standard the program that reachs caption; ----The unity of style, show similar clause should be conveyed by similar wording, same article uses the arrange word expression of same article, to series same question should not be; of two kinds of views between the standard----The unity of term, be like; Use allegation need not be narrated or elaborate wait for synonym to convey. Coordinate a gender: It is to be aimed at the relation between the standard, must notice to follow active basic standard so. Applicability: ----Standard content facilitates carry out, maneuverability uses; easily----Standard content should be cited by other file place easily, list to what cite likely or paragraph knowledge of sign of belt of Lv of take an examination, also but instead. 2, standard structure 1, of standard content differentiate principle: The standard that makes whole publish edits by alone standard, the level that if dry part is published,divides edits by series standard,
Series standard still can differentiate to be able to be used alone for departmental cent (involve a standard one specific respect) or departmental cent cannot use alone (have general
With special connection) two kinds of circumstances. 2, the content of alone standard: Form by all sorts of element, how many of the object that conveys a standard with this, limits and content. Data sex summarizes element: Cover, table of contents, introductive, foreword; A of data sex element. Element of complement of sex of standard element data: Data sex appendix, bibliographical reference, index. Normative sex is general element: Citation of name, limits, normative sex; Element of technology of plasticity of compasses of normative sex element: Appendix of term, definition, symbol, requirement, normative sex. Normative sex element----It is the element that statement accords with a standard to should abide by a clause. Data sex element----Use at label, introduction standard, provide a standard the element of additional information. Note: The data cannot have normative sex to ask in sexual element, the clause that statement accords with a standard and abides by namely. Essential element: Cover, introductive, name, limits; B. Differentiate by element condition optional element: Remove 4 afore-mentioned all essential factor outside. Optional element----Must not wanting exist in the standard, the specific requirement that its exist to inspected a standard and calm. Show its exist possibly in this standard namely, nonexistent element may is in another standard. 3, administrative levels chapter of the standard normative sex is general sex of standard of element limits 1 cites 7 6.3 6.2.3 8 of element of technology of sex of standard of file 2 3 4 5 6.1 6.2.1 6 6.2 6.2.2. . . . A of A.1 appendix (normative sex appendix) B of appendix of element of complement of sex of data of A.2 A.3 B.1.1 (data sex appendix) C of appendix of element of technology of sex of standard of B.1 B.1.2 B.2 (normative sex appendix) the note that administrative levels weaves: Before A, each chapter due caption, ground floor second had better give title; B, number is maximum 6 administrative levels; C, paragraph without number, duan Zaizhang in exist possibly, ying Shen weaves again ' hang buy paragraph ' , hang buy normally paragraph be classified inside. 5.1 ****** ****************** } ************* } hangs buy paragraph ********************** } D, row: Bringing a fine that lists a sentence to add colon (: ) , in the row medium every before add dash (----) or (· ) , in the last row fine uses period, other list a fine to use semicolon (; ) . When if list a need identifying or likelihood,citing, its are listed before applied A) , B) , . . . Represent a kind, if be listed in word mother in again fractionize is become can identify a line when, use 1) , 2) , . . . , be like a fractionize, do not identify use (- - ) or (· ) . Give typical examples: Identify: Do not identify: ********** : ********* : A) ************** A) *************** 1) ************* ; ----************** ; 2) ************* . ----************** . E, appendix: GB/T1.1-2000 regulation, of the appendix do not decide with the property of the appendix early or late (normative, of the data) , its depend on orderly early or late be alluded in the standard early or late, each appendix is due 3 identify information, namely: Appendix A (data sex or compasses plasticity appendix) the caption of the appendix 3, the requirement that writes standard relevant project 1, international standard classifies date (ICS) , date of ICS of ① of date of classification of Chinese standard document is by international standard. Our country GB. Travel mark. The cover of local standard should tag ICS date, ICS and classified date should be tagged when the newspaper approves a standard. Specific classification date can be in < GB mark
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