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Activity of countrywide quality month started the foundation that quality safety
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2008 the guiding ideology of countrywide quality month is to carry out the seventeen great mind that fulfils a party seriously, get for all with scientific progress view, around the new requirement that the State Council raises to quality work, carry out energetically with strategy of qualitative get victory, guide and arouse whole society enhances quality awareness, form a government to take quality, enterprise seriously to go after quality, society to advocate hard the good society atmosphere of quality, everybody care quality, overall level improves quality of stimulative our country ceaselessly, for our country economy good rapid development make new contribution.

As we have learned, 2008 during countrywide quality month, countrywide each district will develop a series of quality theme activities, include to begin quality work to boost disaster area activity, hold reforming and opening 30 years to progress with Chinese quality series souvenir activity, hold with " go after outstanding quality, contend for start world famous brand " those who give priority to a problem " forum of quality of the 16th China " , release index of competition ability of quality of product of 2007 year whole nation special communique, begin complete member quality knowledge popularizes advertisement of commonweal of TV of month of the education, quality that make to wait.

The practice that comes for years proves, center every year period of time, affirmatory a theme, around implementation national economy grows a target, arouse and organize a society each field force, take a variety of forms, specific aim ground develops quality month activity, to increasing quality awareness of the whole people, drive quality to promote an enterprise, health of stimulative countryman economy develops, having important real sense.

As we have learned, to abound the propagandist form of quality month activity, enhance propagandist result, relevant this year section was designed technically " banner of countrywide quality month " , for enterprise or business the unit chooses suspension of one's own accord when developing quality month activity. 2008 during countrywide quality month, various the theme that pledges check branch will combine quality month activity, develop the activity of formal diversity, push each measure that quality revitalizes with all one's strength, guide and arouse whole society enhances quality awareness, establish concept of quality legal system, rise in the round " China is made " quality standard and competition ability, for economy good rapid development make contribution.