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Medium and small businesses should learn to make his view

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Without commonplace dare not or would not speak up, everybody wants to do the business do greatly strong, but the key is to a lot of bosses disregard oneself resource to match a circumstance, always one's own wishful thinking or at least blind make a decision wants to follow suit, follow, in imitating, share a cup of a thick soup, in fact this is funny also be highbrow idea, not only such, if your oneself runs way to the enterprise,lack decides definitely, reason thinks, the destiny that awaits oneself likely is die young.
Regard blue Ge Zhiyang as the CEO of orgnaization of adviser of international be on sale, I often seek advice to a few medium and small businesses and coach, discover they have a collective tendency: A passion began their new life to struggle direction, but often lack reason and careful vision in battalion of already of look forward to, when so that encounter,managing a setback often terribly defeated, anguish can'ts bear, how to do?
Before before long, I regard the speech of growing forum of medium and small businesses that holds in Xiamen as the honored guest, bewilderment of the analysed current business to be faced with generally development bottleneck of the explain the profound things in a simple way in the speech in two hours, oneself and the breakthrough direction henceforth, obtained very good result, this among them the notion that I raised a lot of example to proved my, than following faces this example, most propbably is to have to certain business inspire.
Paris has a young artist, want to sell oneself very much. Then, his bend uses up family property, lend money to the friend again, in the open in the artistic street with famous Paris a gallery, show oneself work technically. He thinks to be done so, can rise very quickly famous degree, get authority approbate, win celebrated fame and much money. Because, this artistic street is famous all over the world, the artists of a lot of big wrist class arrives this patronage, clinch a deal here and the artwork that many value do not poor is popularized.
However, where does he know, wait for him to be on artistic street open of an inconspicuous corner after gallery, just discover a brutal fact, original, there had been too much gallery on artistic street, besides the well-known gallery with a few particularly luxuriant adornment, like him this kind of small gallery does not have what person to take the door at all, he already cannot become dimensions with those. The gallery with abundant actual strength shares the objective profit that art brings jointly.
such, in kept watch hard after a few months, he decides to shut this to be expressed infinite hope, expend a large number of fund again, and now still the gallery with door desolate front courtyard.
Face the midday of this the world before closing, he of mood be worried comes to street a small cafe. Looking at come and go, never-ending guest, him a suit not throat ground is drinking coffee, a cup of coffee drank nearly half hour, but these half hours made his gallant career later however.

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