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China of economic depression menace speaks Europe day or pound Chinese economy g

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Go one year, we put overmuch view on American body, however the European Union already surmounted the United States to become associate of our country the biggest commerce. Probably next year, the bad news that comes from Europe will cause big impact to Chinese economy.
European Union economy enters winter
Heart volition bank issued a report on September 4, area of tone low euro 2008, GDP increase rate calculated a value 2009, from this before 1.7% with 0.8% attune low to 1.2% with 0.1% . Analysts of this foreign currency think, for opposite dollar, at present the exchange rate of euro by greatly overmeasure, euro is probably to the long-term equilibrium rate of exchange of the dollar 1.2, that is to say, euro devalues 20% ability “ is balanced ” . Europe the leader of an alliance wants Hans of director of research center of policy of Europe of brain truster orgnaization · horse Teng Si says, european Union economy is entering the winter that accords with standard definition.
European economy foreground is bleak, give China economy, export growth especially overhand shadow. Area of big China of heart volition bank is presiding economist horse fine horse thinks, next year of European economy slowdown will be the biggest impact that Chinese foreign trade encounters. Calculate according to his, next year of increase rate of euro region economy reachs decelerate 0.1% , euro will devalue to the RMB 10% , below double blow, china is added to the exit of euro area fast probable from this year 26% fall 0 of next year. 20% what because euro area and England occupy China,export entirely, the immediate effect that Ma Jun estimates to economy of next year Europe puts delay, exchange rate to go weak considerably is, increase rate of Chinese overall exit drops two percent. Not only such, european economy is stagnant, to the demand decrescent of other country, can bring about China to receive block to these area exit. Two addition, the increase rate that China exports will drop probably 4 percent, to China the influence of GDP can amount to 0.7 percent. Be pounded among them the biggest will be electronic product and textile.
Will textile exit port disappear?
A high-level personage of association of Chinese textile foreign trade, 9 difficult ” of Home “10 company said when open circumstance speaks of this industry recently. This reflected the dilemma that Chinese textile faces from certain level:  of the  in waterlogged  of Yue of leaf of addiction of heir of a surname of take along sth to sb carries   Shen to make the sign such as  large bamboo hat deep and remote press 
Shandong bank city inferior Fu Qingmin of vise general manager of smooth towel limited company says: &Ldquo; exit situation is all-time and grim! Client of a few abroad turns and from the cost such as Bangladesh, India, Vietnam smaller circumjacent country orders goods. ” is in the 103rd when just end wide hand in on the meeting, raise price because of this company 4% , australia business of 3 long-term cooperation go off in a huff, this company loss 40% in Australian sales volume.
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