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Pearl is treasure medical identifying has clever court
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Below the look that 39 healthy nets suspect in the friend, I was placed with forceps his " pearl " , give light unexpectedly with lighter, risk a smother, and similar test the pearl on my necklace, it is appearance blackens only however, do not burn, the glorious after wiping as before. I tell a friend, actually these bead look to know is fake, because grain size agrees exceptionally, bead light is poor also. Pearl is traditional and rare Chinese traditional medicine, it is precious adornment, adulterate fake phenomenon is serious. Pearl kind globose, grow circle, egg circle or good look, diameter 1. 8 millimeter of 5 ~ . The surface kind white, shallow pink, shallow olive or baby blue, translucent, smooth or small have concave and convex, provide glaring chromatic burnish. Qualitative hard, broken face shows grain of homocentric sex layer, some centers are put have a few foreign body. Without smelly, flavour weak. 1. The section after out of round of small, appearance, coarse, color is dim, broken lacks inferior goods bead layer of a grain, pearl thin, kernel is big person, qualitative second. 2. Bogus tastes common bogus have: The holiday is new harbor bead size is the same as pearl, exterior white, provide minority to cave bit, show metallic appearance burnish, slow-witted dark without glorious. Fasten artificial treatment to be made, bead light layer closes matter for poisonous plumbic apperception. Burn on buy fire, exterior burnish turns into instantly grey black. Mother-of-pearl treatment tastes most kind of circle, flat circle, grain size is evener. The diameter is 2 ~ about 4 millimeter, exterior white, show metallic appearance burnish, slow-witted dark without glorious. Attack broken or pop of baked wheaten cake, the layer that presents a miniature Fu to cover with tiles shape is arranged to section it is thus clear that piece, but without grain of homocentric sex layer. The treatment such as conch, calcite is tasted show flat bulge more form of form, short cylindrical, irregular much range or close globose, have one side or two sides is compressed, size is differ, exterior white or Huang Bai are lubricious, slightly coarse, small show bead light. Those who burn is not dissilient, the surface shows grey black, ashes shows compressed lump or broken lump. Bogus pearl machines the eyewinker bigger round bead, vaccinal Yu Zhenzhu in the mussel, through shorter time, eyewinker surface is taken out after layer of wrap up pearl, form alleged big and bright and clean " pearl " . Appearance and natural pearl are similar, but exterior burnish is weaker, the arenaceous bead that there is a circle in the center of section or ormer are broken grain, the surface has one thin thin pearl layer. 3. Mimic is general with glass, plastic for raw material, regard craft pearl as goods, seldom enter officinal market. Differentiate pearl brief law 1. Pearl configuration each different, have natural iris bead light and reflex of metallic appearance burnish, because the burnish of these each pearl has distinction. Man-made bead appearance is uniform, bead light is faint. 2. Pearl has acerbity feeling after mutual attrition, with glass attrition still has acerbity feeling. Holiday bead has smooth feeling after mutual attrition, holiday bead and vitreous attrition also have smooth feeling. 3. Pearl touchs the skin has cool feeling, breathe out of the Xiang Zhenzhu that use the mouth, the surface can appear gas mist shape. Holiday bead touchs the skin has smooth feeling, warm. 4. Pearl uses small fire calcination, outside meeting blackens (cigarette ash) , wipe a glorious as before, of big baked wheaten cake, have crepitation, natural pearl relatively breed pearl blowout sound intensity, lobation is countless smaller arc small fragments, silver grey is lubricious, accompany have 7 colour burnish, its periphery submits translucent form. Man-made bead appearance is uniform, use baked wheaten cake to be able to scorch, have plastic taste, cindery show smooth shape or broken lump, lubricious Hei Moguang lustre. 5. The number in pearl buy banana oil minute, brace up shake, glorious is not decreased. Bogus is tasted in banana oil slightly brace up shake, burnish of surface of the bell that figure cent falls off entirely, the rest of bead body shows color of ivory, yellow fraction or white scene, translucent shape, lacklustre, some shows close parallel grain, some sees little sunken place or circular alveolus. 6. The pearl of weight close, fall from freedom of 60 centimeters of height it is on vitreous board, briny pearl leap can amount to 15 ~ highly 25 centimeters, fresh water pearl can amount to 5 ~ 10 centimeters. Because added the layer that include the clothes,bogus is tasted, freedom falls it is on vitreous board, bouncing height is inferior.

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