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The problem that sincere letter builds our country business and countermeasure

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One, sincere letter builds our country business current situation   looks from industry practice level, sincere letter and credit management field obtain our country enterprise to make progress actively. Main show is in the following respects: 1. The enterprise takes sincere letter construction seriously ceaselessly, innovate the category that sincere letter managed enterprise of   of mode of sincere fuse manage to had broken through pure ethic, constant change is the administrative function with new company, become an enterprise to develop serious content of the strategy. A lot of enterprises begin to make sincere letter build a target, build sincere letter to run a system. The investigation of couplet of Chinese look forward to shows, the enterprise of 83% already or the sincere letter that drafting company staff code of conduct; The enterprise of 64% has clear sincere letter to build a target. Credit grade, credence is evaluated, moral criterion is made, the different level such as social responsibility report is brought into sincere letter runs the company target. The enterprise of 72% created a part-time job or special branch of sincere fuse manage, responsible branch is administrative department, financial department, strategic program ministry, layout ministry and public concern ministry to wait normally. For example, treasure steel group built sincere letter system to build council, to employee sincere letter builds the job to undertake administrative guidance, through drafting sincere letter the system builds compendium, employee sincere letter regulations, a series of sincere fuse such as management of management of management of Yo of sincere be religious, sincere letter acceptance, sincere letter evaluation manage system, the sincere letter that urges entire company builds the job. 2. Company credit risk is on guard the investigation of couplet of look forward to of China of progressively and perfect   shows the system, the enterprise of 75% has credit government to commercial associate, main way has credit grade, establish record, evaluate and computer database. The news channel that the enterprise acquires commercial associate distributings for: Pass bank or financial orgnaization occupy 75% , pass guild occupy 69% , communicate those who get information to occupy through the enterprise inside the industry 66% . The enterprise takes companionate to commerce credence seriously to have monitoring and government, show what company credit manages to popularized degree to have bigger rise, the enterprise understands through a variety of ways and get relevant credit information, the fundamental job of credit management gets strengthening. 3. The enterprise takes professional morality management seriously, in fulfilling social responsibility   actively to investigate, the enterprise of 85% has clear professional morality demand to employee, and the link up with of system of rewards and punishment with the enterprise. The enterprise of 73% made professional ethic kind administrative document, involved the interest related side such as associate of partner, employee, consumer, business, industry, society, government. Professional morality management basically adopts education, groom, the means such as drive and tie is able to fulfil, a few enterprises still introduce morality censorial official system, built a profit conflict is solved and moral problem processor is made. Of 96% be fulfilled by what investigation enterprise takes social responsibility seriously, the enterprise of 87% thinks to perform social duty is economic progress and the inevitable requirement that the society progresses. Make clear social responsibility what to had been accepted by vast enterprise and be known, most company is willing to establish good company image through performing social duty. 4. Sincere letter builds the business external environment improves   apparently in last few years, our country departmental door, each place builds social credit system actively, environment of sincere letter construction got the business bigger improvement, break one's promise behavior gets be clutchinged effectively making. Main show is in: One country is strengthened ceaselessly build system of perfect society credit, environment of social credence law is ceaseless and perfect; 2 various governments advance social credit system to build; jointly about the branch 3 it is work up of credit service industry, credit demand increases with each passing day. Guild and mass organizations group weave the fundamental strength that to urge a company sincere letter builds. Investigation shows, credit of the bank be been in by investigation enterprise of 59% , company evaluated the orgnaization such as the center to have credit grade, get business standing information through bank or financial orgnaization be achieved by investigation enterprise 75% , achieve through what the intermediary such as guild organizes 69% . 2, sincere letter builds our country business the main problem   that the domain exists from since putting forward to build social credit system, sincere letter construction had our country enterprise to make progress apparently, but current situation of sincere letter construction still cannot get used to the enterprise completely the demand that globalization of reform of system of socialist market economy, economy expands, still put in a few problems and inadequacy. Current, the main problem performance that sincere letter construction exists is in our country enterprise the following 4 respects. 1. The credence in economic domain is short of the investigation of couplet of the state-owend enterprise in breaking a phenomenon to still highlight   quite to show, the enterprise gets a variety of breaking one's promise the worry of behavior, basically include to default paragraph, break a contact, tort, false information, fake product, quality is con etc. Break his promise in what the enterprise encounters in the phenomenon, the enterprise of place worry occupies the money that be defaulted to be investigated 80% of company number, of break a contact occupy 71% , of tort occupy 47% , of false information occupy 31% , fake of the product occupy 28% , quality is occupied false 13% . 2. The company is major break one's promise incident produces   from time to tome in recent years, our country breaks his promise by the enterprise caused major event presents much hair trend. More outstanding 2006, overall for, more, limits compares the amount it is wide, more difficult to solve. According to not complete count, produced the company with bigger impact 2006 sincere letter crisis is achieved many cases 390, among them most get the crisis that the society pays close attention to more than 10 cases. In certain industry, sincere letter crisis presents many link and the characteristic of many enterprise. Those who be in some company in making feigned case, the supply that the product produces, purchase, into factory, production, leave factory waited for many link all to appear sincere letter problem, manufacturing supply and demand two fields company all appears sincere letter problem. The market trades of each link break his promise with group of the industry inside a person of same business created a few areas, a few industries sincere letter level glides somewhat. 3. Sincere letter runs our country company overall be in primary level   at present, home had a few enterprise to build more perfect credit management system only. Although a lot of enterprises had regarded important strategic arrangements as to try to consider sincere letter, but from on the whole, level of sincere fuse manage still is in our country enterprise primary level, main reason is: The first, the staff that sincere letter runs the company and resource short relatively. Our country credence manages the education of professional to just begin in recent years, company credit administrator is not worth badly, the enterprise of 87% feels those who lack major personnel of sincere fuse manage. The 2nd, the constituent structure that sincere fuse manages, duty, program and resource cannot get the enterprise fulfil, sincere letter manages a system to cannot be formed. Compare with posture of the industry that cross a state, sincere letter runs our country company systematization, specialization the level is inferior. Enterprise sincere letter is overall the horizontal lag development at market economy, credit management is not perfect, administrative performance is inferior, morality manages lag. 4. Lack of sincere letter construction consolidates the industry guide, sincere fuse manage serves the enterprise to lack the level that runs a side in sincere letter and application relative to lag   our country, sincere letter runs the company of the system build still be in exploration. To whether be necessary to establish unity company sincere letter builds the statistical result that evaluates a system to show, the enterprise of 66% thinks very be necessary, the enterprise of 31% thinks to be necessary, only the enterprise of 3% thinks to be indifferent to. The enterprise grooms to credit knowledge education strength is insufficient, credit culture builds weakness, insufficient, demand is not worth growth of credit service market, the influence such as supply and contradiction of sex of demand existence structure. To the enterprise investigation of sincere letter demand shows, the financial condition state of the client of understanding be continueinged by investigation enterprise of 69% , the enterprise of 47% is badly in need of understanding whole of pilot of company credit risk to run flow and business operating ring the information of the section, the company of 22% is willing to understand the success management experience of domestic and international advanced company, the company of 19% is willing to understand specializationed tubal behoove to receive Zhang money knowledge. Explain in the enterprise sincere letter manages service territory to still a lot of jobs want to do. 3, urge our country company sincere letter builds the countermeasure   business that sincere letter builds is long-term, complex social project. As our country more enterprises participate in international competition, the international image that sincere letter builds the enterprise to had become influence our country, influence opens to the outside world the important and urgent task of the process, the joint efforts of each respect comes to need society solve. Urgent affairs should push our country company from the following respects sincere letter construction, the countermeasure of specific proposal is as follows: 1. Strengthen construction of social credit system, perfecting system of credit of society of relevant and legislative   is the principal institution arrangement in market economic system. Should accelerate build the social credit system that suits with photograph of level of progress of society of our country economy basic frame and moving mechanism. Should consult the experience of legislation of other country concerned credit, combine the feasibility condition of legislation of our country credit, it is revise or perfect active relevant law laws and regulations; 2 draft an enterprise as soon as possible management of sincere letter classification, data is collected reach the relevant code such as processing. 2. Urge a government sincere letter construction, strengthen the government manages and guide function   to want to deepen economic system and administration system reform, function of cogent change government, strengthen the sincere letter construction of governmental oneself, make the government makes whole society the example of sincere letter; Should be built and perfect a society sincere letter system, assistance is built break his promise to restrain and punish a mechanism to supervise industry standard to develop; Want to strengthen the Yo of sincere be religious of whole society, form social consensus and social cohesive force, form social member of sincere letter behavior benign the social atmosphere that anticipate and scrupulouslies abide by sincere letter. 3. Produce the effect of chamber of commerce and association adequately, compose builds an enterprise to sincere letter construction coachs and serve credit of systematic   industry to build is the main component that social credit system builds, answer to produce the effect of chamber of commerce, association adequately, construction of stimulative industry credit and industry be as good as one's word control oneself. At present our country enterprise is in sincere letter to build initial stage, sincere letter construction is the new thing below market economic system. Deepen the change with governmental function as what our country economic system reforms, association of chamber of commerce regards connection as organization of government and service of enterprise self-discipline sex, the effect in economy and social life is mainer and mainer. Meanwhile, beginning industry credit to build also is the objective requirement that association of chamber of commerce fulfils oneself obligation, be helpful for strengthening industry government, raise industry self-discipline level, order of normative industry competition, maintain industry profit and stimulative industry development. Come nearly two years, countrywide entire plan does, country of the State Council endowment appoint the active exploration that credit of industry of the chamber of commerce that begin, association evaluates pilot job to initiate a gender namely. Control oneself to promote a trade better, serve member industry better, height of couplet of Chinese look forward to values a company sincere letter builds the job. Be in early 2002, through seeking the opinion of the enterprise extensively, make and released " sincere letter runs the company autonomic regulations " , sincere letter runs stimulative company. Released again 2006 " enterprise proposal of sincere letter self-discipline " and " Chinese enterprise investigation report of sincere letter state " , get a society of each respect approbate, extensive effect produced in the enterprise. At the beginning of this year, couplet of Chinese look forward to is done by countrywide entire plan, country of the State Council endowment appoint approval becomes country first industry credit is pilot unit. The development that industry credit evaluation works is begun will be helpful for driving industry self-discipline, safeguard industry health develops, to promote system of credit of our country society in the round construction provides important safeguard. 4. Push the main body that   of construction of system of sincere fuse manage regards contemporary company as market economy in the round, the enterprise is the person carry out that sincere letter manages. In market economy, the healthy tune that holds a company develops, on one hand, the management of the enterprise should have the tie of law and system; On the other hand, the enterprise should strengthen self-discipline, build sincere letter culture, the enterprise should regard his viewpoint of value as sincere letter, coach the management of the enterprise is carried out, the enterprise should consider to seek the behavior way of the interest, take the partner that believes oneself and employee, take a letter exterior interest group, be like department of partner of client, business, relevant government people etc. (1) sincere letter builds the high understanding business that the   of sincere letter view that establishs modern market economic system wants to build socialistic harmony society from compose. Strengthening sincere letter to build is the jumping-off place that the enterprise carries out scientific progress to watch, it is the point of growth that the enterprise enhances own innovation ability, it is the strong point that the enterprise accelerates system of construction society credit. 2 should accede and develop outstanding tradition sincere letter thought. Sincere letter thought and business standing have our country tradition already similar and common characteristic, have the one side that accords with contemporary market rule again. Should accede and develop outstanding tradition sincere letter thought, service at the enterprise sincere letter is built. 3 otherwise break the understanding that deepens pair of sincere letter concepts. Below economic globalization setting, motion of movement of new economy ethics, enterprise society responsibility to the enterprise sincere letter construction produced positive effect, concept of sincere fuse manage also formed the company 3 levels that go forward one by one, include production to manage, factor of production, society and environment. Accordingly, urging a company in sincere letter construction, should management of credence of give attention to two or morethings, professional morality management and social responsibility are fulfilled. (2) the   of system of sincere fuse manage that builds contemporary business combines the need that builds social credit system cheek by jowl, from administrative take as the point of departure, want sincere letter to management. It is according to contemporary company the system asks, executive credence manages. Advance construction of system of each credit management actively. Basically include: Build client financial condition to run a system; Build the internal system that give a letter; Build creditor's rights to guarantee a system; Build receivable Zhang money to run a system, carry out significant business Zhang to chase after close; Build agreement management system, raise a contract to honor the agreement rate. 2 it is ethics of construction new economy, push professional morality administration. Advocate make professional morality code of conduct; Build effective interest conflict to handle mechanism and moral problem to solve a mechanism; Undertake abiding, comprehensive profession morality is taught. Be opposite clearly each square responsibility is mixed related company profit duty, include: Offer high grade product kimono Wu to client and user; Use up due responsibility to employee; Undertake to partner, investor objective and precise information is communicated; Hold equality, appropriate competition action to industry and business associate; Advance enterprise interior to oppose construction of commercial bribery system ceaselessly. 3 it is to get used to global enterprise to develop a tendency, perform enterprise society duty. Advocate an enterprise to issue social responsibility report, pay attention to the content that performs social duty and influence, strive to achieve consistent. Social responsibility content should include: Improvement upholds worker rights and interests, protection development of resources environment, stimulative community, eliminate poverty and other commonweal career to wait. Anyhow, advance an enterprise to sincere letter builds even if should let an enterprise accomplish in the round " 5 letters " : Miss sincere letter, meeting namely sincere letter, believe in all with sincere letter, hurried, do not break his promise. Around modern market economic system, combine tradition of culture of our country sincere letter, absorb international advanced experience, push a company ceaselessly sincere fuse manage carries out innovation, promote the good fashion of honest be as good as one's word, the harmony of economy of stimulative our country and society develops.

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