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How be fostered and promote our country enterprise own innovation capability

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[summary] the forefront that company station competes in economy, the own innovation ability of the enterprise how, the issue involves the success or failure that national power competes. The article analysed the reason that own innovation ability is not worth our country enterprise badly, undertook discussing to solving the method of this serious problem and measure. [keyword] enterprise; Innovate independently; System; Culture
Our country front faces the world new the challenge of revolution of round of science and technology, of the growth pattern of the unreasonable, extensive that adds economic texture and resources environment bottleneck restrict wait for a problem to be highlighted increasingly. To solve these problems effectively, we must fulfil science to develop view, science and education to allow a country in the round the strategy and strategy of talent powerful nation, take the route that innovation of science and technology innovates independently especially, " produce big country " become " make big country " , make our country becomes innovation state. Because pass the experience lesson that sums up more than 20 years of reforming and opening, we realise increasing own innovation capacity is tone deeply pattern of growth of economy of warping aid structure, change and the central segment that enhance national competition ability, the road that a science and technology that has Chinese distinguishing feature innovates should be walked out of in practice.
The enterprise is foundation of innovation of science and technology and main body. But own innovation ability is not worth our country enterprise badly. Because lack the core skill that owns own intellectual property, a lot of our country industries, especially the danger that technology of industry of presence of company of new and high technology changes hollowly. Although our country is big country of DVD engine production, 50% what occupy global market gross, but core technology puts in 6C 's charge, every export a price the DVD machine of 40 dollars, be about to hand in patent to use fee to foreign company 20 dollars. China is the big country of the biggest color television production on the world, year productivity amounts to many 7000, but China seldom has technology of color television core. Our country already became big state of the manufacturing big country of the PC and consumption, but CPU chip and operating system technology of this two big core is mastered by Intel and Microsoft however. In domain of medical biology technology, the patent of almost all medicaments all is had for the developed country, they earned profit of high specified number, and manufacturer gain of China is extremely small. These grim facts showed our country company especially the own innovation ability of company of new and high technology is extremely fragile, lack own intellectual property and own brand, already became the bottleneck economy technology that restricts progress of society of our country economy to appear safe hidden trouble.
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